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One on One: Should the NBA fine players for not being vaccinated?

Don’t fine them, just don’t let them play

by Courtney White

NBA players should not be fined for not being allowed to play in different arenas because they are unvaccinated. Not allowing them to play is punishment enough. 

The entire career of an NBA player is built upon playing basketball games. When players choose to not get vaccinated, which causes them to miss games, it is on them. A fine would help in a sense, but I think missing games is what will really lead players to getting the vaccine. 

For example, any player who plays for the Knicks or Nets in New York and is unvaccinated would miss every home game because they are unvaccinated. 

In the big picture, players who choose to miss games because they chose to not get the vaccine are making themselves look bad. They are choosing to not play because they don’t want to get a shot that saves lives. 

It is very selfish on the players’ part and could cause them to miss crucial games for their teams. 

In the end, I think the NBA will do whatever they think is best for the players, whether it be fining them if they are not vaccinated or simply just not allowing them to play in arenas where unvaccinated people aren’t allowed. Playing time is crucial for any professional athlete, so missing out on precious time on the court because they chose not to get a shot is something that can easily be avoided. I think all players, and all people, need to do their part and get the vaccine. 


NBA players should be punished for not being vaccinated

by Colten Kahler

The story of the NBA currently revolves around players that are vaccinated and players that are not vaccinated. With the league in a way mandating players to be vaccinated, players that choose not to could face fines, suspensions and other forms of punishment. 

To make life easier for the league and for the players, NBA players need to be punished if they decide not to be vaccinated. 

One of the biggest names in the NBA, Kyrie Irving, has come out publicly that he will not be receiving the vaccine. Kyrie has been forced to sit out home games, practices and other team activities due to rules and regulations set by the state of New York and the borough of Brooklyn. 

Now that Kyrie has come out that he will not receive the vaccine, rumors are flying all over the place about his future in Brooklyn and with the team. Kyrie could be traded to where the policies are not as severe, or he will have to go against his wishes and receive the vaccine. 

Yesterday, the Toronto Raptors announced that if players are unvaccinated and breach quarantine protocols, they could face charges by the police and government under Canda’s Quarantine Act.

While the penalties could be severe, the NBA is trying to do what they think is safe for all players and personnel. This avoids possible quarantines, team shut downs and run-ins with local and national government policies. 

The NBA is in the right here by protecting not only the players, personnel and teams, but their own company. While the league’s vaccination percentage is very high,the NBA is not wanting to take any chances or risks about losing out on another season.

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