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One-On-One: Who is the best team in college football?

Alabama Crimson Tide

Anyone who doesn’t think Alabama is the best football team in the country has to be off their rocker.

We’re talking about the two-time defending national champions and a team that has won it all three of the last four years.

We’re talking about a team with a three-year starter at quarterback in A.J. McCarron, who knows how to get the job done when it matters most (and gets to date Katherine Webb).

But most importantly Alabama has the closest thing to a professional defense you can get. Teams not led by Johnny Manziel are going to have a difficult time scoring on them.

Not to mention, the Crimson Tide have the best coach in the country in Nick Saban. There is a reason he has won four national titles.

Oregon is good, but let’s be honest, they are a bunch of track stars playing football. Against a great defense like Alabama they would be shut down. Their speed would be negated.

Oregon gets to hide in the inferior Pac-12 while Alabama has to play in the rigorous SEC, which is easily the best conference in the nation.

The Crimson Tide are going to win their third consecutive national championship this season. I just don’t see who could possibly beat them.

Oregon, the best team in college football? No way.

Roll Tide.

-Alex Ross


Oregon Ducks

In a college football season that’s seen 13 FCS teams knock off FBS opponents and six preseason top-25 teams drop out of the rankings in just the first three weeks, it’s pretty difficult to figure out what’ll happen next.

One thing we can safely say: nobody’s figured out how to stop the Oregon offense.

Through their first three games, the Ducks have scored an average of 61 points per game. The defense hasn’t been half bad either, allowing only nine points per game in that same time span.

Sure, they haven’t played a top-tier team yet, but who cares? They will in a few weeks, when they take on No. 17 Washington, and they’ll face a top-five Stanford team in November.

When people try to figure out who the best team is, they usually start and stop with Alabama. Sure, the win over Texas A&M last weekend was impressive, but it showed just how flawed the Tide’s defense is when exposed to a high-octane offense.

Unfortunately for ‘Bama, that’s exactly what Oregon has.  Their spread offense is run by sophomore quarterback Marcus Mariota, that few people have heard of, who has nearly 900 passing yards, 260 rushing yards and 11 total touchdowns.

If the teams in the NFL can’t stop the Oregon offense, nobody can. And that’s exactly why they’re the best team in college football.

-Garth Shanklin

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