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The NCAA is a joke

Time and time again the NCAA proves it is one of the most corrupt organizations out there.

On Aug. 28, the NCAA announced 2013 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel would be suspended for the first half of Texas A&M’s season opener against Rice.

That’s right. One half.

Manziel was investigated by the NCAA for allegedly accepting money in exchange for autographed memorabilia.

They decided Manziel did sign a bunch of memorabilia. In fact, Johnny Football signed so much stuff that dealers were surprised by the sheer volume that flooded the market this offseason. In the end, the NCAA ruled that he did it all for free.

Yeah, right.

This is the same Manziel who was quoted in an ESPN the Magazine article by Wright Thompson saying he hates signing autographs. He even refused to sign for a former high school teacher.

So, we’re supposed to believe Manziel signed an unbelievable amount of memorabilia for free despite hating doing so?

That’s laughable. I really wonder who the NCAA is trying to fool.

Let me make this point loud and clear; I have no problem with Manziel. Is he immature and arrogant? Absolutely. But he has done nothing that thousands of other young college students do each year. I hope he excels on the field this season and wins another Heisman.

But his college career should have come to an end. There is no doubt in my mind he took money in exchange for autographs. It was stupid, and he deserves to have his eligibility stripped.

And the blame for the fact that his career is not over lies directly in the lap of the NCAA.

What it comes down to is they did not want to bite the hand that feeds them. The NCAA doesn’t care if Manziel took money. He’s going to make the organization millions upon millions of dollars this season. Manziel can’t do that if he’s sitting on the bench.

The NCAA is a joke. It lacks consistency, transparency and any understanding of common sense. This is the same organization that ruled 24-year-old former Marine Steven Rhodes was not eligible to play football at Middle Tennessee State because he played in an intramural league while he was overseas.

But Johnny Football only gets suspended for a half? It’s like NCAA President Mark Emmert and his goons throw at a dartboard to make rulings. It’s mind-bogglingly stupid and inconsistent.

Maybe there was no proof that Manziel took money, but a proper, longer investigation could have yielded the proof they needed.

In the end, the lesson to college athletes everywhere is to take money in cash so there is no paper trail and then deny, deny, deny. If you’re the star at Texas A&M and not a walk-on at Middle Tennessee State, you’ll be fine.

It is what it is. The investigation is closed. Barring some kind of injury, Manziel will chase a National Championship and another Heisman trophy. But it’s a shame and a sham.

Any semblance of respect I had left for the NCAA went out the window. The entire organization needs to be blown up and started over.



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