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10 Years of Fashion Disasters

Let’s face it, this decade has been an amazing time period for many reasons: My Chemical Romance got back together, Jersey Shore was at its peak and people witnessed first-hand the “Let it Go” epidemic after “Frozen” hit the theaters in 2013.

While this decade holds many pleasant and fond memories, there are also many tragic and repressed ones. That’s right: fashion disasters. I’m going to list the top 10 worst fashion trends that took place over this decade.

Feather hair extensions
I’m not going to lie, I had them. But, looking back on them now, they’re just so awkward. I remember rolling into my fifth-grade classroom with neon green feathers plastered in my hair and then the next week my principal banned them from school. It was tragic.

Printed leggings
Leggings aren’t the most flattering clothing option. So, when the printed legging craze came upon us, I was horrified. I remember the first time I went into Hot Topic and saw galaxy printed leggings with an oddly realistic cat plastered across them. Needless to say, I stayed away from that store for a while.

Flower crowns
Everyone wore these. It didn’t matter where you were going, how casual or how fancy you were dressed. If you weren’t wearing a flower crown, you were failing miserably.

Shutter shades
Normally, people considered thick-rimmed nerd glasses the eyewear of the decade. But, I’m going to remind you of something much more horrendous: the shutter glasses with the mustaches attached to them.

Wedge sneakers
I’m pretty sure when “Shake It Up” came to Disney Channel everyone wanted the wedge sneakers that Rocky wore.

Hair bows
Picture this: The year is 2013 and Ariana Grande’s first hit single “The Way” is influencing every pre-teen girl. Claire’s is booming in business with their production of hairbows. No hairstyle is complete without an oversized bow decorating it.

Silly Bandz
If you didn’t sit around in a circle at recess trading your silly shaped bracelets, I commend you. My classmates would genuinely fight each other for their desired Silly Bandz, and it still terrifies me to this day.

Knee-high Converse
Everyone had an emo phase, and if you owned a pair of these, you were probably in your prime.

Uggs with skirts
I refuse to wear Uggs to this day because of how people styled them. Maybe I’m just picky, but please never wear a mini skirt with a pair of these boots.

Flame shirts
Unless you’re Guy Fieri, you might not want to walk out in a bowling shirt with fire on it.

Although this decade was, and always will be, iconic, these trends hopefully will be buried forever.

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