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A hilltop love affair

Design by Kyle St. John

I knew at once you were the one for me
Well, after a rejection letter or three.

I moved in within months, which some may say is too soon.
That summer orientation night just made me swoon.

A bright-eyed youngster, I was hot to pursue:
Could the “mid-size, big difference” rumors be true?

One-third Greek, I thought “How exotic.”
I didn’t even care that your cooking was toxic.

How elated I was; my heart couldn’t get bigger,
Then I realized you were quite the gold-digger.

I’ve shelled out thousands in the past four years.
The debt I’ve accumulated just brings me to tears.

Still every semester, you send a book list and beg.
Admittedly, I’ve cheated on you with Chegg.

When the pandemic hit, you pushed me away.
I had nowhere but my parents’ to stay.

All spring and summer, I fantasized our reconciliation.
I didn’t know what I had before our separation.

Hesitantly, you welcomed me back in the fall.
You didn’t resemble your former self at all.

You weren’t into parties or concerts or sporting events.
Sometimes I wondered if you even made sense.

But we’re making it work, even if over Zoom.
We do spend lots of time in my bedroom ;)

When it’s safe, give your restrictions a shove.
Your capacity limits don’t apply to my love.

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