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‘Call Her Daddy’

“Do you call him Daddy? You mean call her Daddy?” “Call Her Daddy;” the podcast presented by Barstool Sports has picked us up, shaken us around and left us to fend for ourselves.

This is the podcast you’ll want to turn down when a parent walks into the room, while also being the podcast you’ll want to turn up when your friends walk in.

Two 20-something year old girls living together in New York spill the piping hot tea on their wild lives, making sure to include every explicit detail imaginable. Sofia Franklin and Alexandra Cooper are the daddies skyrocketing up on the iTunes podcast charts each week, and leaders of the “Daddy Gang.”

The name “Call Her Daddy” is supposed to represent female empowerment, and it does just that. Through hilarious stories and tips from their own lives and their anonymous friend the “milf hunter,” the girls talk about how to stay in control when it comes to relationships and how to embrace the confidence they believe everyone should proudly flaunt.

Cooper says the podcast is “the female locker room talk we should be able to have.” According to Barstool Sports, there is an even split between male and female listeners.

Between all of this, the stories that come with these episodes are absolutely hysterical. If you are ever battling the “Sunday Scaries” and regretting a decision from the night before, listen to this podcast. Cooper and Franklin will top any crazy decision you might have made and add in a story that will make you feel like you have it all together.

The episodes get raunchier as the show progresses, starting simply with texting, working up to nudes and continuing along with sex positions. Cooper and Franklin get a lot of negative comments regarding their inappropriate humor, but stay on top of the hate by combating it with advice for both guys and girls that has proven to work.

The girls also created a “Daddy Gang” Facebook group designed to organize the hundreds of direct messages they get on relationships, sex, what to wear and everything in between. To be accepted into the group, you have to prove you are an avid “Call Her Daddy” listener by answering a few questions to prevent hate and trolls from ruining the page.

What makes someone a “daddy?” Back in the day you were considered a daddy if you were a male with children, but times have changed my friends. In 2019, a “daddy” is someone who realizes their worth and acts on it. This can mean anything from leaving someone on “read” or owning the pictures you post feelin’ yourself on Instagram. WORK. IT. DADDIES.

With a new episode going up every Wednesday, these daddies are far from slowing down. This is the bible of our generation and the technique we’re using to keep it real in 2019.

Buckle up, daddies because episode 22 is on the way!

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