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Gag Me With a Spoon! ‘Clueless’ is back

Calling all the Betties (female babes) and total Baldwins (hunks), “Clueless” is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is having a, like, totally happenin’ anniversary event at movie theatres all over the country. Originally released in 1995, this cult classic is one of the most popular teen movies of all time.

The anniversary showings are scheduled for  May 3, 4 and 6 this year in roughly 700 theaters in the United States. Each showing will have a special video presentation before the film that explains the impact of the slang from the movie on American culture. 

Based on “Emma” by Jane Austen, the movie focuses on the matchmaking attempts of Cher, a beautiful queen-Bee? with a credit card and wit. During the movie, Cher learns about love, growing up and compassion through a series of mishaps, witty exchanges and makeovers.

The film gained widespread attention and popularity despite being dubbed a “sleeper” hit due to its easily quotable slang and outfits. The movie helped many stars like Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone rise to fame. 

Think the movie only helped jumpstart celebrity careers? As if! The movie solidified the “Valley Girl” archetype from the trendsetting accessories to the ‘loqued-out’(tricked-out) Jeep. Don’t believe me? The clothes speak for themselves. 

Cher’s iconic yellow plaid ensemble that she wears to school was re-imagined in Iggy Azalea’s 2015 hit “Fancy.” Along with Azalea paying homage in her shot-for-shot remake, similar prints and styles were available last fall in stores and will probably be seen again this fall. 

This movie is perfect for those looking for a good laugh, or way to reminisce or if you are simply tired of all the same shows on Netflix. For me, “Clueless” is a blast from the past that reminds me of sleepovers with friends and ordering too much pizza. 

To miss out on this opportunity would be “way harsh,” so make sure to check out “Clueless” rolling with the homies back to theatres this May.

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