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You’ve heard it before. It’s trended on Twitter, it’s on merch all over the internet and it’s the phrase we say sarcastically after saying something supportive to another girl.


It isn’t simply about posting a picture of your best friend and labeling it “woman crush Wednesday.” It’s a movement. Girls need to stop being mean to other girls out of jealousy or because she may live her life differently than you choose to live yours.

Some cheesy Tumblr quote said it best – “Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own.”

Read that again if you’ve ever DM’ed your friends’ pictures of girls on Instagram judging their hot outfits. Read it again if your first thought when seeing a pretty girl is envy because you don’t look like her. Read it again if you see a beautiful girl walk in a room and get insecure that she’s going to get all the attention. Trust me, there’s plenty to go around.

At the end of the day we’re all on the same team. We all endure the pain of “that time of the month,” we all get cat-called and we all get paid less. Sorry, too far?

It’s so easy to get mad at the girl flirting with your boyfriend at the bar, but when you think about it, that girl owes you NOTHING. If she knows your significant other isn’t single, then yes, her actions are wrong, but when you see them get in an Uber together there’s no one to blame but him. That’s just the gospel truth.

Girls are “threats” to other girls because we know what we’re capable of. Girls are strong. Girls are powerful.

The world would be a beautiful place if girls always acted like they do drunk in the bathroom at the bar at 2 a.m. I’m not saying we need to go around handing compliments out like candy on Halloween, but simply encouraging each other instead of throwing shade will do just fine.

The next time you see a girl post a “thirsty” picture on Instagram, toss her a like – hell, throw a heart eyes emoji in the comments if you’re really feelin’ frisky. It’ll take five seconds out of your day and make hers.

We need to stick together and lift each other up. It’s 2019 ladies, there’s no time for girls putting down other girls any more than the world already does.

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