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Hollywood justice front and center

Graphic by Sarah Irwin

It has been a tumultuous time in show business and has reflected reality far more than anyone could have expected.

On the set of “Rust,” actor and producer Alec Baldwin became involved in a stunt gone wrong when his gun carried live rounds without any supposed knowledge. Baldwin has been charged with firing the gun, injuring director Joel Souzaand and fatally wounding cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. 

The case is again in the limelight because of plea deals and charges being brought against Baldwin and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. The ramifications of these charges range from one and a half to five years in prison, placing Baldwin in the middle of one of America’s most debated policy topics.

Shortly after the charges were filed, Baldwin was active on Instagram, posting his family with a questionable caption. Whether intentional or not, it paints Baldwin as wildly out of touch with the public’s current attitude toward the situation at hand.

Reports of the behavior and attitude towards safety on the set of “Rust” have been critical for an alleged lack of caution. Souza and the assistant director both took plea deals, pleading guilty to negligence.

Although Halyna’s family championed the charges, her husband had already settled with the production company, El Dorado Pictures. He has said that he does not want to blame them and only wishes to see her final work.

Long term, it remains to be seen how this could impact those going into entertainment or any person working in hazardous environments.

However, the result will not severely change laws and OSHA regulations, perhaps only putting a new focus on training in safety and union efforts for these types of workers.

Either way, it does not sit right with many young adults, including Bradley sophomore business management and leadership major, Bronwyn Geddes.

“I think if he ends up not serving any jail time whatsoever and pays monetary damages, that definitely would sow seeds of doubt in people’s faith within the justice system as it pertains to celebrities and millionaires in general,” Geddes said.

For new workers entering these industries, to see one powerful man disregard their safety is not a new sight.

“Given the amount of time being proposed, I think the armorer on set absolutely should face charges because that was part of [her] job and Alec Baldwin [too] for being the one to actually shoot [Hutchins],” Geddes said. “Also, with him being part of the production crew and financing part of the movie, some of the negligence towards safety, I think is on his hands.”

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