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In defense of Geisert

The words “cafeteria” or “dining hall” summon images of hair-netted lunch ladies slopping mysterious gray-ish brown lumps on your outheld lunch tray. Options typically include mystery meat or… mystery meat.

Not at Geisert.

At Bradley University, the mention of Geisert dining hall often brings about groans or disgusted faces. Students who have moved off campus are typically grateful they can cook their own food and no longer have to rely on their meal swipes for nourishment.

However, incoming freshmen, there is no need to fear, because Geisert dining hall…Incredible.

Here’s why:

1. Companionship – Friends are made through forced meals together. Days typically consist of planning who is going to Geisert or Williams or the Student Center and when. Even if you don’t have plans with people at Geisert, the dining hall is usually crowded enough that you can find a friend or acquaintance to sit with. Friendship is bound to arise from daily conversations over food. Once you move off campus, you’ll find yourself alone and hunkered over a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese most nights.

2. UNLIMITED FOOD – Seriously, eat as much as you want (with each meal swipe).

3. Consistent selection, always – Even when you are not a fan of the main courses offered that day or come during a strange time to eat, the cold food options remain. The salad bar is decked out with different types of greens, fruits, veggies, and other toppings. Bread, bagels, and deli meat are always stocked. Also, the cereal bar is loaded with the sugary and healthy breakfast foods of your childhood. 

4. Choices for everyone – No matter your dietary preferences, Geisert will provide for you. The website and food signs are labeled according to allergies, gluten intolerance. There’s a Kosher section, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

5. Action station – Customized food can be made on the spot, right in front of you, during every meal. Choose what you want, and get it hot and ready.

6. Plethora of options – You’d have to be a very picky eater to not be able to find at least one thing on the Geisert menu you could eat at any given time. The person sitting next to you can enjoy an entirely different, but equally good and hot meal as you due to the number of choices available. You can even choose from several different sodas, milks, juices, coffee or tea for your drink.

7. Dessert – Geisert always offers a dessert. Try the famous chocolate chip cookies or a soft serve cone.

8. No dirty dishes – What’s better than eating a meal, but not having to clean up after yourself? Nothing. You’re eating like royalty.

9. Friendly staffs – Especially at the action station, the Geisert workers will converse kindly with you. They’ll check on certain food ingredients for you and even can make special food for you if you have severe allergies.

10. Genuinely good food – I said it. A lot of the food is actually delicious, whether people want to admit it or not. For example, just try the grilled cheese – it will change your life.

Whether you are just beginning your freshman year or are returning for another year, walk into Geisert dining hall with an open mind and empty stomach.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’d let Geisert cater my wedding.

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