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Kaboom!’s iconic road to fame

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

Note: This article is a part of the April Fools’ Day edition, The Scoop, and is not meant to be taken seriously.

Since his introduction in 2014, Bradley’s mascot Kaboom! has been known and loved for being the university’s professional hype man. Recently discovering bigger aspirations, Kaboom! has begun chasing his dream of becoming an actor.

Kaboom!’s interest in acting began very early, but he was never brave enough to take the leap of faith. Once he overcame his self-doubt, he realized that he was actually quite skilled at acting.

His skills were unknowingly developed through having to be cheerful for Bradley games and hype up the crowd, even if he was having bad days himself. Kaboom! also had to remain calm whenever the opposing team’s fans heckled him. Overall, his dedication to his job has aided his Hollywood career tremendously without him even noticing.

So far, Kaboom! has only landed minor roles, but he’s happy to be doing something that interests him. His most popular work began last year and he was able to star in movies such as “The Batman,” “Bullet Train” and “The Next 365 Days.” He starred as an extra in each film and was able to flawlessly execute diverse roles such as that of gravel, pavement, statues and even walls

Kaboom! plays his roles so well that you can barely even tell it’s him. That level of acting takes a lot of dedication and natural talent.

As expected, Kaboom! has a busy schedule now that he’s an upcoming star. He has to film in different locations and practice his lines while also attending events at Bradley. Many are concerned that this might interfere with his decision to remain Bradley’s mascot; however, Kaboom! says otherwise.

“Acting is a dream come true, but so is being Bradley’s mascot. Also, follow me on Instagram @ka$hdaddykaboom,” Kaboom! said.

Although his acting career is taking off, Kaboom! doesn’t plan to quit his job here at Bradley. To him, being a mascot is still fulfilling and brings him joy.

This is good news for his supporters because he’s irreplaceable in their eyes, and it’s nice to know that the fame hasn’t gone to his head. It would also be pretty hard for Bradley to find another gargoyle to take his place.

Kaboom! plans to audition for more roles this year, so keep an eye out for him in upcoming films. With determination and bravery, he has set an example for us all. Kaboom!’s story is a great reminder that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

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