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McDonald’s goes ‘Sicko Mode’ with its new meal

Photo via the Travis Scott merchandise website

The new meal combo at McDonald’s has Travis Scott fans feeling like they are on a different planet; in Astroworld, some might even say. McDonald’s has partnered with Travis Scott and his record label, Cactus Jack to create the Travis Scott meal.

This $6 meal is nothing too spectacular: a quarter pounder topped with bacon and lettuce, the two main ingredients that upgraded this burger from basic to iconic. This combo also includes a medium fry with tangy barbeque sauce on the side, as well as a medium Sprite with extra ice.

Scott has also teamed up with the McDonald’s merchandising team, releasing a chicken nugget pillow for $90.

This is just the second celebrity collaboration with McDonald’s since the McJordan meal – named for basketball icon Michael Jordan – was released in 1992.

So, what’s special about Travis Scott’s meal?

Since the meal was released on Sept. 8, it has become more popular than the fast-food chain expected. Several McDonald’s locations are running low on ingredients (bacon, quarter pounder beef, onions, etc.) because of the high demand for the meal.

If you have not tried the combo, you have until Oct. 4. Otherwise, you might have to have a baconless quarter pounder.

As a college student on a budget who needs a quick bite to eat, this $6 meal might not be the way to go.

Sorry, Travis Scott. This meal gets a solid 6.5 out of 10 rating.

However, I would say, if you would like to see what the hype is about from fans around the world, then try it.

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