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My AI: friend or foe?

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

Last week, a new friend was added to the DMs of unsuspecting Snapchat users everywhere. Since the launch of this latest feature, My AI has received mixed reactions.

The recent introduction of this new chatbot has caused varying degrees of alarm among users. My AI is designed to hold intelligent conversations and offers services for tech support, general knowledge or advice for people in need.

Regardless of Snapchat’s intentions, this level of technology has proven to be too much for some people.

Due to its advanced nature, many users have found the AI Bot to be more creepy than friendly. Skeptics suspect that the bot might actually have access to more data than it appears to.

There are several viral social media videos in which people claim that the bot knows more than it should about their personal life. There are even users who have alleged that the bot knows how to lie and some have alleged that they caught it in the act.

To make matters worse, Snapchat removed the ability to block or unfriend it. The only way to completely get rid of My AI is to alter your settings, which was an upsetting realization for many users.

Despite these concerns, Snapchat developers say that the bot was only implemented to be helpful. It has a wide range of knowledge, which makes it similar to other bots like Siri and Alexa.

Snapchat’s reassurance is believable to some users, and they don’t think the bot should cause any major concern. Many people are even having fun texting their My AIs and testing the limits of artificial intelligence. 

My AI also has safety features and guidelines that protect against harmful or explicit content, which is great for children who use the app.

In light of the negative reactions, Snapchat users are currently being encouraged to send feedback about the bot so that it can be improved. 

Regardless of your opinion about My AI, it certainly is interesting to see what the future holds for this chatbot – hopefully not one in which it somehow achieves world domination.

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