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One-on-One: Going out or staying in for Valentine’s Day?

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

Go out – it’s a holiday

By Mason Klemm

Valentine’s Day deserves to be celebrated, and the best way to do that is by going out with your significant other. Finding a nice – or even mediocre – restaurant, going to a show, seeing an attraction or dancing the night away are all great ways to spend the evening, and the trip doesn’t have to break the bank.

What you choose to experience when you go out doesn’t matter, as long as it’s something both you and your partner enjoy. Appreciating being in each other’s company should be the way you spend Valentine’s, and the best way to do it is by having a good time out on the town. Use the day as an excuse to escape the stress in your life and cherish your relationship.

Going out seems like a no brainer, especially with the weather right now. Never before in my life have I been able to go on a walk or do anything outdoors for Valentine’s Day without freezing. As of writing this, the forecast calls for 50 degrees and sunny – even more reason to enjoy it.

It doesn’t have to be with a partner, either. While the holiday traditionally calls for that, there’s no rule that says you can’t have a friend or a roommate be your valentine. The two or more of you can do something exciting and it gives you a break from the monotony of spending time together inside.

While I can appreciate a good movie or board game, it’s important to relish in the celebration that comes with a holiday. You have your entire life to sit inside, but you only live once. Treat Valentine’s like it’s a holiday.

Skip the crowds, stay in instead

By Ian Cunningham

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s a lot of pressure to plan the perfect evening with your partner to celebrate. When we think of activities to do on this holiday, we usually picture a candle-lit dinner in a five-star restaurant or a vibrant night out around town. The glam and fanfare might look like fun in our favorite rom coms, but in reality, it tends to lose its luster.

Crowded restaurants, theaters and other date night locales are likely to be jammed up with couples reveling in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Instead of stressing over reservations and big plans, you can show your partner how special they are with an equally festive night in. Roll out some extra blankets and settle down for a movie night or invite some friends over to hangout over a board game. Whatever you do, it should be fun for those involved.

Gone are the days of needing to go out on a flashy date night to celebrate this love-filled day. Remember, the best way to show your partner you care for them is to spend time enjoying each other’s company – and maybe throw in a heart-shaped food item to preserve the holiday cheer.

If you want a special night with your partner, you can consider ordering takeout from your favorite pizza joint. Wouldn’t that be better than going shoulder-to-shoulder with a hundred other couples at that one popular restaurant? If a fancy dinner is a must-have, avoid the Valentine’s Day rush and plan a date night on one of the 364 other days of the year. A spontaneous date feels more meaningful than an obligatory date out on the town.

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