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Putting the D in divorce: Gypsy Rose Blanchard splits with husband

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

Many know Gypsy Rose Blanchard for her twisted childhood that involved her plotting to kill her abusive mother. Now, Blanchard returns to the spotlight nearly three months after her release from jail. 

Blanchard recently announced her divorce from ex-husband Ryan Anderson of two years. The former couple wed while Blanchard was serving her prison sentence. Anderson has since spoken out, posting a video on Tiktok to thank Blanchard’s defenders. 

“I just want to thank everyone for [the] support, it’s been great,” Anderson said. “Y’all will see what really happened on Lifetime. We were filming a lot. So stay tuned for that…I will post more stuff eventually, I’m just hanging in.” 

Social media users have criticized Blanchard’s fans for giving her a platform since her release from prison. Blanchard never had the chance to live a normal life, as she quickly become a media phenomenon. 

Since her statement regarding the divorce, paparazzi have spotted Blanchard spending time with ex-fiancé Ken Urker, who stated on Tiktok that they were only friends.

Besides her tumultuous love life, Blanchard got a nose job, hoping to change her appearance and improve her ability to breathe. On Instagram, she wrote “It’s never too late to start reinventing yourself, even if it is something subtle like a new hairstyle.” 

Blanchard has spoken on several talk shows about how much she hopes others will feel inspired by her perseverance through hardships. It is inexcusable to ignore the abuse she survived that led to her life being so unbelievable to think of as reality. 

Regardless, she is still a criminal who chose to help plot her mother’s murder. 

Whether people agree with Blanchard’s decisions, it is controversial to romanticize her new found life outside of jail. All she ever asked for was to have a normal life, and to have paparazzi and cameras at her side shows she is nothing more than a spectacle for television. 

The behind-the-scenes of Blanchard’s divorce and undergoing change will be shown soon on the new Lifetime show, “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up.”

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