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Quadeca continues evolving with ‘Scrapyard’

Graphic by Audrey Garcia

Just over a year after his breakout 2022 album “I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You,” rapper, songwriter and producer Quadeca is back with another full-length project.

Quadeca released his latest mixtape “Scrapyard” on Feb. 16. 

The artist’s rise to critical acclaim was an unlikely one. Just five years ago, he was widely known as a YouTube rapper with very little artistic appeal. Now, he’s one of the most interesting artists in the industry. Everything that makes him unique is on full display on “Scrapyard.”

Quadeca’s roots are in hip-hop, and the genre’s influence is visible across this record. There are straightforward rap songs such as “Way Too Many Friends” and the energetic “I Make It Look Effortless.” 

The San Francisco native also ventures into more experimental hip-hop. The track “Even If I Tried” is awash in vocal effects with an exciting instrumental. Meanwhile, “Guess Who?” is a brag-rap masterpiece with a pulsing electronic beat.

As good as the more traditional hip-hop material is, “Scrapyard” shines when Quadeca steps outside of his comfort zone. The intro “Dustcutter” has borderline unintelligible vocals that somehow adds to the construction of the song. “U Don’t Know Me Like That” features some heavy vocal effects to compliment its gorgeous melodic production.

There are two collaborative tracks on this album. “A La Carte” has an appearance from Columbus hyperpop artist Brakence. The track is a hypnotizing mix of hip-hop and hyperpop, with an electrifying performance from Brakence on the back end. 

The closing track, “Texas Blue,” features Kevin Abstract, once part of Texas rap group BROCKHAMPTON. This track features a natural and exciting progression that starts with a single piano and swells to what sounds like an entire symphony.

The best moments of “Scrapyard” are the tracks where Quadeca displays his songwriting prowess. The tracks “Being Yourself” and “U Tried That Thing Where Ur Human” feature incredibly emotional lyrics enhanced by breathtaking vocal performances. 

While Quadeca proved his ability to write sad songs on his previous project, “Scrapyard” displays an acumen for love songs as well. 

The tender ballad “Easier” features writing that perfectly encapsulates the complexity of love, with lyrics that contradict each other in a way that make the song feel cohesive. The track also showcases swelling production that compliments the lyrics perfectly. 

“Guide Dog” is perhaps the biggest departure from the norm for Quadeca. The track is an indie folk song with little instrumentation other than an acoustic guitar. However, while most of Quadeca’s appeal comes from interesting production, his lyrics and performance make “Guide Dog” one of the project’s highlights.

“Scrapyard” may not be as grand or conceptual as Quadeca’s last album, but that does not mean the quality suffers. The mixtape has excited fans for his next release. Quadeca has firmly established himself as not only a legitimate artist, but one of the most exciting the industry has to offer.

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