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Reasons why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ should finally flatline

When I heard that Ellen Pompeo would only reprise her role as Dr. Meredith Grey in eight episodes in the upcoming 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was extremely disappointed. Despite the show premiering when I was barely two years old, I have become a huge fan, with a Grey-Sloan Memorial hoodie and mug to prove it.

However, as the years go on and the show continuously grows farther and farther from what it used to be, I’m more inclined to agree with the push from fans and critics alike to end the show sooner rather than later. While there are plenty of them, here are a few reasons why season 19 of “Grey’s Anatomy” should be one of the last.

1. The cast should pursue other projects

Pompeo decided against relocating to film season 19 of the medical drama to star in a Hulu limited series that is untitled as of this writing. This will be one of the actress’ first roles outside of the show in almost two decades.

While I hold Meredith’s character near and dear to my heart, I am happy to see that Pompeo is directing her attention to new works. “Grey’s” has been a big part of her life, but it will come to an end someday (hopefully soon), and it’s about time she broadened her horizons. If her branching out is any indication, other long-time cast members need to consider moving on.

2. There’s been too much death

As I made my way through the seasons during my first rewatch of “Grey’s,” my best friend continuously asked me, “So who’s going to die next?” I realized then that there have been too many deaths on this show. While cast departures and on-screen deaths go hand in hand, I’m sure that I speak for more than a few fans when I say that we could’ve done without the deaths of George, Lexie and Mark.

Don’t even get me started on the unforgivable demise of Derek Shepherd. One could argue that the show should have ended after his death in season 11, considering no one really wanted to experience a world in which there was Meredith without Derek.

Sure, those deaths were all several seasons ago, but let’s not forget the recent passing of Andrew DeLuca in season 17. Dying characters make the show more depressing than necessary and can make fans reluctant to continue watching.

3. Alex Karev would have never left in a series of letters 

Given that Alex’s first wife, Izzie, left him in a letter in season six, I find it hard to believe that he would turn around and leave his second wife, Jo, 10 seasons later in the same manner. I know Alex explains his reasons for leaving the way he did, but the hypocrisy of the plotline is too much for me.

As previously mentioned, I can understand why actors sometimes leave shows and their characters behind. Still, when their departures demonstrate a clear contradiction of their values and judgments from earlier seasons, frustration builds and it’s hard not to wonder where the show is headed.

4. Meredith has been through too much 

Let’s all be honest with ourselves: Meredith has been to hell and back. If you ask me, she’s endured way more than the average person would in their lifetime. 

Between surviving a near-drowning, a shooting at the hospital, a plane crash that killed her half-sister, the death of her husband and being viciously attacked by a patient, I’d say that she’s had enough.

For 18 seasons, we’ve watched Meredith progress through her life and career, pushing through every obstacle in her path. She has experienced more than enough character development, so I deem it acceptable to find a way to end the show that gives her the happy ending she deserves.

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