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‘Shadow of Erdtree’ is the kind of DLC gamers want

Graphic by Audrey Garcia

DLC, or downloadable content, has become a common monetization model for modern video game companies, and hit game “Elden Ring” is dipping into that pool.

After its release in 2022, the role-playing game was immensely popular among its players. It later won Game of the Year and became one of the most awarded games ever. Thus, a needle in the haystack of sub-par games had been created.

Now, creators FromSoftware have announced an expansion of the game with a new DLC: “Shadow of Erdtree.”

This new installment is expected to be a major expansion, and it better be, considering the $39.99 price tag.

There are exciting additions for all types of players. For example, the open world is being expanded and fleshed out. Developers are showcasing a new combat system that will be difficult for even end-game veteran players, with lots of new dungeons.

As for story expansions, the narrative will be focused around Miquella, a key character in “Elden Ring” lore, following his journey to the Land of Shadow.

From the information available, this DLC already seems jam-packed, which will be another breath of fresh air for gamers.

There are many great expansion packs, and there are just as many terrible ones. Fond memories of horse armor come to mind.

“Oblivion” aside, the other unpopular expansions are those of “The Sims 4.”

The most recent pack “For Rent” debut was not only dysfunctional, but created game-breaking bugs for players who didn’t even purchase that expansion. Electronic Arts has a history of releasing “Sims 4” DLC even though the interactions players are paying between $20 and $40 for don’t work.

“My Wedding Stories” came out over two years ago, and the supposedly improved weddings are still unplayable.

These games are not in the same genre, but “Shadow of Erdtree” demonstrates that DLC can be good and should be about actually expanding the game and not milking the fans for a quick buck. It’s a message that some companies seem to have misunderstood.

Recently DLC has gotten a bad rap as a lazy cash grab, but that’s not how it should be. Paid extra content should contribute something tangible to a player’s game, other than a couple bugs. That could be in the form of expanding the world and story or adding new gameplay.

Assuming “Shadow of Erdtree” and its directors keep their promises, it should be a pricey but worthwhile addition to the game. It’s all speculation, though, until the pack releases on June 21.

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