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I’ve been listening. Whether you’re walking on campus, eating in the student center or sitting in class, your words aren’t safe. I guess you could say your words are never safe because you never really know who’s listening.

These past few weeks I’ve been paying close attention to the casual conversations between Bradley students.

No, I haven’t been eavesdropping because I’m nosey and want to hear about your weekend. I think there’s something special behind zooming in on the everyday college student to hear what will only be somewhat relatable 20 years from now.

Here’s what you all gave me:

“I’m so glad we’re sitting next to each other for this test because then at least if we’re crying, we’re crying together.”

“I mean I support your decision, I’m just saying he was wearing Aéropostale so I’m not sure what you’re going for.”

“I just feel weird eating bananas in public.”

“The [Southern Illinois] Salukis are horse girls.”

“My Bradley ID picture is probably the best picture I’ve ever taken.”

“I fell behind with the homework so I dropped the class.”

“Bro I’m telling you, your haircut is fine.”

“My alarm in the morning is ‘Mo Bamba.’”

Well there you have it, that’s pretty much as “college” as it gets.

Just know whether you’re walking into an exam fully prepared to take the “L,” or having relationship troubles, you definitely aren’t the only one on the Hilltop.

Also remember that if you’re pouring out your most juicy secrets on your way to class be careful, because you never know who’s listening.

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