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Spring fever

Whether it’s the throbbing bass from the house next door that wakes you up or the birds chirping outside your window, evidence is all around us signaling spring has sprung.

Students all over campus are coming out of their cocoons and embracing the outside world after experiencing the harsh conditions of a Peoria winter. Hibernation has ended.

If you notice a skip in everyone’s step or an increase in smiles from strangers on campus, you can attribute those happy-go-lucky qualities to the fever – spring fever, that is.

Urban Dictionary defines spring fever as “wanting the present to become summer, slacking off in school because the year is almost over, and the wanting to be outside every day rather than inside.”

RETWEET. 75 degrees and sunny? I have no complaints.

Spring fever is taking the long way to class so you can enjoy the outdoors longer.

Spring fever is bringing an extra layer because you’re worried the classrooms are going to be colder than the air outside.

Spring fever is seeing hammock after hammock on the alumni quad and having to avoid an occasional Frisbee or football in your path.

Spring fever is trying to work around the glare on your laptop screen when trying to do homework outside.

Spring fever is basketball jerseys and music in the backyard.

Jake Settles, a freshman construction management major, said spring fever is, “being anywhere but class when it’s warm out.”

Senior hospitality leadership major Julia Braude said spring fever is, “day drinking.”

Senior public relations major Caroline Letzel said spring fever is, “a better mood and no more seasonal depression.”

It’s unfortunate that the crucial sprint to the finish line during finals crunch time is when the weather makes it harder to focus on schoolwork. You’re almost there. Keep running – the day kegs can wait.

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