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Staff Picks: What is The Scout listening to in May?

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

The Scout staff has created a list of its favorite songs to listen to heading into the month of May, along with explanations.  

Anaiah Davis:

“California Love” by 2Pac (feat. Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman)

This song speaks for itself. “California Love” is a timeless hit detailing 2Pac and Dr. Dre’s love for The Golden State, despite the former’s East Coast origins. Troutman’s use of the talk box to distort his vocals is easily the most iconic and recognizable part of the song. The duo exudes undeniable confidence with a catchy chorus and memorable verses, making this collaboration a staple of ‘90s hip-hop.  

“Outside” by Bryson Tiller

Released last fall, Bryson Tiller’s “Outside” is the perfect feel-good song to establish summer vibes. This track makes excellent use of the sample from the Ying Yang Twins’ 2005 hit “Wait (The Whisper Song).” The R&B superstar urges his love interest to forget about her ex, have fun and enjoy new opportunities – which may or may not include getting with him. The song is loose, addicting, playful and reminds people to embrace their greatness and not be afraid to show themselves off.   

Jonathan Michel:

“Supafly” by Cootie & BiC Fizzle 

Both artists go back and forth on this infectious hip-hop track. This song is all about looking and feeling good. The artists’ alternating lines in the hook are something that more collaborations should emulate if the beat is right like it is in this song. If I had to pick a song to walk across the stage at graduation to, it would be this one. 

“Outro” by M83

Chances are you may have heard this song if you’re on TikTok since the app has caused the 2011 track to reemerge. The first minute or two of the song doesn’t have any vocals; there’s just a slow, contemplative string progression. After a buildup, the song’s climax at the 2:30 mark is the perfect background for a special point where you reflect on what you’ve done and where you are right now. “Outro” may even make you shed a tear while doing so. 

Madalyn Mirallegro:

“Daylight” by David Kushner

What started off as a song on TikTok now has over 60 million streams on Spotify.   “Daylight” has instantly become a hit and a favorite song of mine. I love the haunting, rich tone of his voice throughout the entire song that makes me feel like I am walking through a misty wood. The chorus is an earworm and stay there until they manage to fight the urge to stop humming it under their breath. For the record, it’s still stuck in mine. 

“Would That I” by Hozier

It seems like a common occurrence for my songs to be selected thanks to TikTok edits and this song is the same. I have always loved Hozier and by the fifth “House of the Dragon” edit that popped up on my for you page to “Would That I”, I knew that I would have to go listen to the song multiple times in a row. Every time I listen to it, I feel like I am a Targaryen myself ready to ride on a giant dragon. I love the melody and how intense it gets about the fire that Hozier has fallen in love with. The simple guitar plucking behind the poetic lyrics gets me every time, especially when the song picks up towards the end. 

Matt Lucas:

“Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

It’s the classic song that causes all peace to be disrupted when the guitar is freed from its cage and begins a solo of epic proportions. As I stand within weeks of graduation, I hope to put this masterpiece on repeat. Like my time here, the song starts slow but slowly picks up, gaining momentum with each strum. As I get set to become a free bird, I’ll make sure to listen to this one on the way out.

“Stadium Rave” by Mark Governor and heard in “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Honestly, making it this far in the semester without me plaguing our lists with SpongeBob SquarePants music is nothing short of a miracle. Alas, I must contribute one and “Stadium Rave” is an automatic bass-boosted blast. Turn the speakers up and jam out to this masterpiece that only the electric jellyfish could pull off. While it may annoy your lousy neighbors, fear not, because nothing should stand in the way of a good listen to the beating heart of a beloved episode.

Trinity Eaton:

“Smile” by Sleepy Soul

For good vibes this month, “Smile”has been at the top of my playlist. The music and lyrics are the perfect combination for a feel-good summer tune. Since I first listened to it, the song has completely crowded my mind. “Smile” has made me look forward to discovering more of Sleepy Soul’s music in the future.

Daniel Kerns:

“Meet the Mets” by Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz

Those that know me know that sports are not my biggest area of interest. However, the theme song for the New York Mets is an absolute banger. Written just prior to the Mets’ founding in 1961, “Meet the Mets” has a classic mid-century vibe that gets me excited to watch baseball. Even if baseball isn’t your thing, you can’t help bobbing your head to this jovial and brassy tune.

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra

Approaching the end of my college career has put me in a pensive mood which “My Way” perfectly matches. Sinatra’s rough, aged vocals feel relevant to me even though I’m not even 22 years old. Since COVID started during my freshman year, college hasn’t always been exactly what I wanted, but I got what I got and I’m grateful for it.

Rodrigo Perez: 

“Hit the Floor” by Linkin Park

One of Linkin Park’s heavier tracks with a perfect display of Chester Benington’s harsh vocals, “Hit the Floor” starts off with a great and simple guitar riff that drives the song forward. This has been a song that’s been part of my playlist since the 20th anniversary edition of Meteora came out. I loved listening to the rereleased tracks and to the unreleased ones as well. 

“Room of Mirrors” by Metallica 

Honestly, I have been listening to Metallica’s new album non-stop since its release, so picking one song off of this record was very difficult. This has got to be one of my favorites on the tracklist with its great vocal melody, spectacular anime-style music video and incredible guitar harmonies. Overall, the whole album is solid with James Hetfield’s voice being the highlight of it all. 

Payton Egnew:

“Tek It” by Cafuné

This song describes the emotions of a person that the artist once loved not caring about them in the same way anymore. The melody and beat makes it a great listen and a good song to get you in your feels.

“I Almost Do” by Taylor Swift

This song has always been a favorite of mine among Taylor Swift’s discography. Swift’s raw emotion in this song while talking about how she almost takes her ex back gives me goosebumps every time. “I Almost Do ” is definitely non-skippable. 

Lee Lard:

“Smoke Slow” by Joshua Bassett

The melody of this song is absolutely enchanting, and I’ve been listening to it on repeat for weeks. The buildup to the bridge is gorgeous, and the lyricism is beautiful. Bassett makes generally slow and comforting music, and it’s been great background noise as I’ve studied for finals.

“Fear & Cowardice” by Big Wreck

The bassline of this song eats away at my soul. Big Wreck is my favorite rock band of all time, and I get to see them in June. In preparation for the concert, I’ve been relistening to as much of its music as possible.

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