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Staff Picks: What is The Scout listening to this February?

Graphic by Audrey Garcia

The Scout staff has created a list of its favorite songs to listen to heading into the month of February, along with explanations.

Anaiah Davis: 

“close with desires (right person wrong timing)” by teo glacier 

On this single from early 2023, teo glacier reflects on knowing he should move on from his lover but struggles to forget about them. His voice is confident, yet vulnerable, creating an intoxicating dynamic that I can’t get enough of. 

“tight rope” by Samaria 

From her recently released album “Even Paradise Rains,” “tight rope” describes the process of ending an unhealthy relationship and finding peace of mind. Samaria delivers strong, controlled vocals with painful honesty that feels genuine and poetic.

Madalyn Mirallegro:

“Holy Revival” by Masie Peters

I have only recently started listening to Masie Peters and I am thoroughly enjoying my time going through all of her songs. “Holy Revival” is by far my favorite with the energetic beat and fast-paced singing. It also makes me laugh because, just like in the song, I also have two friends who I listen to like the Bible.

“Pretty Girls” by Reneé Rapp

I’m proud to say that I have been a fan of Reneé Rapp since she got casted as Regina George on Broadway in 2019. While she showcases her powerful voice on multiple tracks on her album “Snow Angel,” “Pretty Girls” takes a quieter approach. Rapp shows off her gentle side with a more breathy and soft tone that is addicting to listen to. 

Rome Tews:

“When the Day Met the Night” by Panic! At the Disco

After three years of not listening to Panic! I felt compelled to play their second album “Pretty. Odd.” on my drive home. Once again, this song had me on my theoretical knees. It’s not the best song on the record, but there is just something special about this one, and it’s probably Ryan Ross’s theatrical lyricism and the harmonies, but who knows.

“So Much (For) Stardust” by Fall Out Boy

All I have to say is “I’m in a winter mood, dreaming of spring now.” Seriously, this song encapsulates for me the feeling of each year passing. The lyrics, vocals and instrumentation just get the vibe so right.

Rodrigo Trujillo: 

“untitled 02 | 6.23.14” by Kendrick Lamar 

It turns out even Lamar’s unmixed throwaway tracks are inconceivably intriguing. The album titled “untitled unmastered” are a series of songs that didn’t make Lamar’s magnum opus 2015 album “To Pimp a Butterfly.” While many understandably should not have been on the album, this track is one that stood the best chance. With an eerie yet catchy chorus, the hook prefaces a rapid fire rhyme scheme in verse two. This song has been in rotation since the album’s release. 

“Right Side of My Neck” by Faye Webster 

Perhaps the artistic antithesis of Kendrick Lamar, Faye Webster specializes in an alternative indie tune that no one else can seem to replicate. The song dabbles in discussions of love, yet remains focused on the tune with a repetitive chorus over an instrumental that captures the feeling of walking into a lovely country themed bar.  

Mason Klemm:

“Still Boomin” by Larry June feat. 2 Chainz

What can I say, Larry June knows how to make a hit. His flow combined with 2 Chainz is the perfect combination, and June’s typical production shines through. Watch out, you might be saying “trap still boomin” in your sleep.

“one day” by Nevi

Nevi made a super catchy hit with “one day.” I had never heard of him before this song, but the simple beat combined with a melody that bounces with the instrumental sets him up well for success. This one has been in my playlist for the past few weeks.

Rodrigo Perez: 

“Hate Train” by Metallica 

Despite not being good enough to make it on Metallica’s ninth studio album “Death Magnetic,” this song off of the “Beyond Magnetic” extended play could have easily slotted in anywhere on the album. While the mixing might not be the best, it’s still a solid Metallica track with great riffs and some spectacular solos. 


I never really got into country music, but HARDY did a good job mixing the thumping power of the rock genre with more melodic elements of country. The subject of alcohol is one that pops up in both styles of music and HARDY showcases that in a unique way with his personification of the substance. The first time I heard this on rock radio, I didn’t like it, but I grew to enjoy the unique blend of genres. 

Latif Love:

“Pink Matter” by Frank Ocean featuring Andre 3000

One of my goals this year is to broaden my musical horizons. I chose Frank Ocean as the first artist I’d give a chance. Upon listening, I concluded that I’d been missing out. I finally understand why his fans have been begging for an album for nearly eight years. “Pink Matter” is a perfect balance of R&B and melodic rap. The Andre 3000 feature fits perfectly. 


If you’re looking for a lyrical masterpiece, stay away. This song is a typical LUCKi track. It is carried by great production and Lucki’s lackadaisical flows. The song isn’t solely about drugs but has lyrics made to uplift the spirits of listeners.  

Davis Kinch:

“Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd 

While “Blinding Lights” may have been the song off The Weeknd’s “After Hours” album that stole the spotlight, “Save Your Tears” is a song that displays both his amazing vocal and lyrical ability, making it one of my favorite songs of his. The song overviews his experiences with past relationships, experiencing heartbreak and even being the heartbreaker. 

“Sidewalks” by The Weeknd feat. Kendrick Lamar 

Well if you haven’t noticed already, I’m a massive fan of The Weeknd. In this song, he discusses his upbringing and how he went from being in the streets of Scarborough, Toronto to now topping the charts. Kendrick Lamar comes in with his amazing wordplay to build off the theme of going from nothing to now being famous. The lyrics of the song and the storytelling overall makes it a really good listen and an underrated song.

Ian Cunningham: 

“Love Language” by Zinadelphia

“Love Language” was released in early 2023 as a single and later made the intro track to Zindelphia’s first pop album “Lucky.” The track is the artist’s most popular song and features a groovy saxophone accompaniment that makes this song irresistible to dance to while getting ready for date night.

“Astrovan” by Mt. Joy

Indie rock band Mt. Joy released their first single, “Astrovan,” in 2016. The song’s smooth vocals, buttery acoustic guitar and indulgent crash cymbals make for a sound that conjures the life of a nomadic 1980s hipster living out of, well, an Astrovan.

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