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Staff Picks: What is The Scout listening to this February?

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

The Scout staff has assembled a list of the songs they have on repeat heading into the month of February. 

All songs listed are on the playlist below, followed by their descriptions. 

Anaiah Davis:

“Breaking Point” by Leon Thomas

Thomas’ latest release is a vulnerable song that copes with the realization that love is not enough to sustain a relationship. “Breaking Point” is spot on in painting a picture of the hardships of love and not wanting to let go of someone, yet not knowing how to move forward either. This emotional ballad is incredibly soulful and has forever altered my brain chemistry.

“Bad Blood” by Nao

Nao’s voice is absolutely magical on this chill track about the dissolution of a childhood friendship. This vibe-heavy song is the epitome of Nao’s sensual R&B with a perfect marriage of heavy instrumentation and light vocals.

Matt Lucas:

“Fight the Good Fight” by Triumph

When the day is done and it’s time to finally sit down and finish some work, “Fight the Good Fight” allows for an ease into the late hours without much troubleshooting. The piece, written, sung and played by Rik Emmert, Mike Levine and Gil Moore starts slow with a quiet strum of the guitar and a futuristic sound and soon picks up when the drums begin to play to set the tone. Nothing will be left unaccomplished when this is in the starting lineup of your playlist.

“Fly Like An Eagle” by Steve Miller Band

As an all-time favorite, I’ve continually found myself reaching out to this masterpiece by the Steve Miller Band routinely. Of course, with the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl this year, I’ll pay homage to the team by selecting this piece. The song, which includes such sounds as the fuzz of a television set, synthesized guitar noises and sound effects you may get confused with a pinball machine, is easily recognizable and hard to forget. Do yourself a favor and dial this one up.

Maddy Mirallegro:

“Too Well” by Reneé Rapp

I have been a fan of Reneé Rapp since she was performing on Broadway as Regina George in “Mean Girls the Musical.” Now that she has moved on from Broadway to television and film, Rapp has started to produce her own music as well. 

One of my favorite songs on her EP “Everything to Everyone” is “Too Well.” It covers the range of emotions that a person goes through during a break up and how easy it is to hold a grudge against someone who has broken your heart. Rapp’s vocal range is amazing and the lyrics easily get stuck in my head. So if you are looking for a good revenge song this month while others are celebrating Valentine’s Day, then this is the song for you. 

“Honey” by Coastal Club

This song puts me in such a good mood that I can’t even explain it. The vocals of the band mixed with the upbeat tempo of the drums and guitar make it impossible to not want to get up and dance. The chorus of the song and the way that it is sung is completely different from the other part of the song which makes it all the more addicting to listen to. During this cold winter month, “Honey” brings back the feeling of summer and driving with the windows down.

Daniel Kerns:

“Blue Red and Grey” by The Who

“Blue Red and Grey” is a surprisingly mellow offering from the classic British Invasion rock band. The song’s instrumentation is an upbeat ukulele paired with a rich layering of horns. Featuring simple lyrics about enjoying the day, it’s nice for taking a break and relaxing for a while. Even though Pete Townshend hated “Blue Red and Grey” when he wrote it, I’m glad he did.

“Star Trek: Voyager – Main Title” by Jerry Goldsmith

This orchestral piece serves as the opening credits song of the classic sci-fi series “Star Trek: Voyager.” Its sweeping majesty and gravitas makes anything you’re doing that much more epic. With tunes like this, it’s easy to imagine yourself as a crewmember of a starship exploring the far reaches of space.

Jonathan Michel

Heart Of A Champion” by Nelly feat. Lincoln University Vocal Ensemble

February is prime basketball season and this song is the epitome of a perfect tune to get you in the mood to gear up for hoops. Whether you’re in the car on the way to a big game, or inside the arena, it has a big-time feel to it that elevates adrenaline. I play this song frequently when preparing to broadcast local high school games and it’s almost a lock to be playing on repeat in the car on the way to playoff games. In basketball, champions start to emerge in February and this song will make you feel like one too. 

“Interstellar Medley-Live” by Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr

I recently watched the movie “Interstellar” and aside from it being one of my favorite movies of all time, the score is simply fantastic. Zimmer has a knack for making the perfect soundtrack to any movie and this piece combines multiple songs from the movie into this 12-minute masterpiece. It quite literally takes you through every emotion – and instrument – possible, pinnacling nearly five and half minutes into it. If you want music in its purest form, this is a great bet. 

Lee Lard:

“The View Between Villages” by Noah Kahan

The last song on Kahan’s album “Stick Season,” this song is an emotional end to an impactful tracklist. Kahan is described as a folk-infused pop artist, and the description is apt. The album discusses Kahan’s relationship with his hometown, and as someone going to college in their hometown, it hits close. The angry crescendo of the bridge gives me chills every time. 

“Hiatus” by Maya Hawke

This is a perfectly ambiguous Valentine’s Day song. “Hiatus” is a song about a passing crush at first glance, but a deeper look at it reveals a lost love. Hawke’s lilting voice and soft guitar are a warm hug in a lonely winter. The entire album, “Moss,” has quickly risen to my top five. 

Payton Egnew:

“Night Shift” by Lucy Dacus

This song beautifully explains the emotions of someone dealing with heartbreak after splitting up with her boyfriend. Throughout the song, she explains how she will take the night shift at her job to avoid seeing her ex who works a day job. Although I’m in a relationship, the raw emotions and vocals in this song make it one of my favorites to listen to. 

“Kingston” by Faye Webster

Faye does an amazing job at expressing the lovestruck feeling one might get while being in a relationship. This is the perfect Valentine’s song to listen to with a loved one.

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