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New Year’s resolutions are not supposed to be January resolutions. However, that is when most people give up. According to Forbes magazine, just eight percent of Americans achieved their New Year’s resolution. Here are seven ways you can join the eight percent, in 2014.
1. Set Goals
Everyone has heard, time and time again, to set personal goals. One that is attainable, yet challenging. But what most people lack is a series of goals. Make a list of your long term and short term goals. Have fun with it and make a daily goal that is easy to complete. The short term goal will be both gratifying and encouraging. Soon enough, these will pile up to a longer goal and eventually your yearly goal.
2. Enlist a Friend
A college campus is perfect for accomplishing a resolution. Include a friend for company or motivation. Whether your goal is to lose weight, quit smoking, save money or find true love, there should be family and friends to cheer you on. A friend can be the moral support you need when things get tough.
3. Find a Rhythm
Habits often carry a negative connotation. However when it comes to resolutions, it’s exactly what you need. Form a habit of morning exercise, pack a healthy lunch or chug a few cups of coffee to fight off the urge to smoke. Regardless of the activity, it is best to get into a routine. Having success could come from forming a new and positive habit early in the new year.
4. Write it Down
Writing down your thoughts and ideas has its benefits. There is a sense of gratification when you see what you have accomplished, or wish to accomplish, written down with ink and paper. This sounds old school, but it will surely give you the sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.
5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
We are nearly a month into the new year. If the resolution hasn’t gone south yet, just wait. There will come a time when it gets harder to stick with that new diet or avoid splurging on a new pair of jeans. Sometimes, you will fail, but the worst thing to do is dwell on it. Avoid letting failures snowball by creating new negative habits to replace the old. This is how bad habits are formed.
6. Cheat
If you gave up sweets for New Year’s, and you have a sweet tooth, you are not being realistic in the resolution. Instead of avoiding them all together, let yourself cheat a bit. Sneak a sweet once a month. The occasional cheat will prevent any major set backs. Key word is occasional.
7. Reward Yourself.
Make sure to reward yourself when things are going well. Make a plan to do something fun, whether it’s active (maybe a hiking trip) or something lazy, like renting a few movies from Red Box and spending a Saturday doing nothing. A reward will keep the incentive high for maintaining your New Year’s resolution.

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