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Unforgettable TV siblings we love

Anyone who doesn’t have a sibling probably wonders what life is like when you grow up with someone who looks like you and shares a nearly identical childhood. To get an idea of what this might be like, just turn on Netflix to see what having brothers and sisters is like.

Now, not all television siblings represent real life, but there’s no doubt that these shows portray some truth. With hilarious pranks, heated fights and heartfelt moments, there’s something that makes us love each of them differently.

“I think one of the most iconic siblings are Drake and Josh,” freshman computer science major Broc Edson said. “They get into some arguments and situations, but in the end, they’re step-brothers and friends. In the end, they’re more worried about what Megan is plotting against them, which brings them together.”

With seasons filled with funny schemes and situations, what’s not to love about “Drake and Josh?” Well, unless you find them to be absolute “boobs” as their little sister Megan would say.

Some are born into the families they have and other families are made. Either way, things work out when they are working together.

“Everyone one of the kids on ‘The Fosters’ really warms my heart,” Melissa Hansmeyer, freshman mechanical engineer, said. “Most of them are adopted, so they have to basically learn to be a family. I loved watching them come together, it’s really sweet.”

It’s fascinating to see real lives reflected into media. When it comes to the matters of family, many remember the young icons who did everything and anything together.

“The Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen twins stick out the most,” senior mechanical engineering major Aaron Shaffer said. “I grew up with an older sister and I would watch them with [her]. They really were present in the industry when they were younger so that makes them really memorable.”

After being put on the screen at such a young age, these twins had a big name on television. From being Michelle on “Full House” with the unforgettable line, “You got it, dude” to their own couture fashion line, “The Row,” these sisters still seem inseparable.

After all the Olsen twins have conquered, you have to applaud them for seeing through the end. However, other on screen siblings have faced far more difficult extremes.

“There’s Sam and Dean Winchester, there are Thor and Loki, they’re both so amazing,” freshman psychology major Melody Bregdon said. “Although Thor and Loki have a complicated relationship, they will end up back together in the face of a situation. With Sam and Dean, they are ready to die for each other, literally.”

Who could forget that “get help” scene from “Thor: Ragnorak?” As well as all of those deaths from Sam and Dean … all of them.

Sibling sacrifice is the ultimate opposite of sibling rivalry. While some remember fighting for the remote for “Super Mario Bros,” Mario and Luigi were trying to save each other.

“Mario and Luigi are amazing brothers,” freshman game design major Jesse Cashmer said. “Mario is the face of video games and Luigi has always been seen as player two but they bring out the best in each other. When Mario was trapped in a haunted mansion, Luigi had to face his fear of ghosts just to save him.”

Contrary to the belief that those unforgettable plumber brothers would be at each other’s necks, they do in fact look out for each other. Through thick and thin or life and death, siblings will always be there.

We connect to and admire these brothers and sisters because we find ourselves in similar situations with our own relatives. No matter what antics these TV siblings go through, they’re handling it all together.

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