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‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ series takes TikTok by storm

Graphic by Ethan Nelson

No need to turn to Netflix for your next true-crime documentary. TikTok sensation Reesa Teesa [@reesamteesa] has users on the edge of their seats with her 50 part series “Who TF Did I Marry?” 

In the first video, Teesa explains how her ex-husband trapped, gaslit and abused her. To avoid legal issues, the TikTok user omits all personal names, including her own, from her episodes.

Her ex-husband, who she gave the fake name Legion, allegedly created fake documents and phone calls to construct a made up life to leech off of Teesa. 

If that seems ridiculous, that is not even a sliver of the lies he fed Teesa. Legion claimed to have a daughter who died, gained money from arena football and created fake mortgage pre-approval documents to purchase a house together. 

During their marriage, Teesa became pregnant with Legion’s child, but miscarried, which caused a rift in their relationship. In June of 2021, Teesa accepted a job that allowed her to run a background check on her husband. From that moment forward, she realized everything Legion told her was false, leading to a divorce just a few months later. 

In just three weeks, Teesa gained over three million followers. Her introduction video has over 27 million views and this could be just the beginning of her fame. 

All 50 videos of the series are 10 minutes long, totaling up to roughly eight hours of content. Fans have been treating her story like a documentary, finding entertainment in her painful retelling. The Today Show even joked that her videos might turn into a movie or TV show. 

Although Teesa’s story does emit true-crime energy, viewers are missing the message of her videos. In the first episode of “Who TF Did I Marry?” she explains how during her marriage, she would create audio diaries to reflect on their issues. 

Through posting her story, Teesa finds cathartic relief with the knowledge of knowing that a community is supporting her through her trauma. While people are entertained by something that is surreal, she highlights warning signs for women to pay attention to in their own relationships. 

While a little interpersonal conflict is normal, it is meant to be worked through and resolved. Teesa wants viewers of her series to know that having concerns and questions in a relationship is normal. If a partner is unwilling to be honest about their past and cover their life with lies, there are always other fish in the sea.

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