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ACBU sends offer for act

After receiving more than 1,600 student responses about potential spring concert performers, the Activities Council of Bradley University (ACBU) said it has extended an offer to a new artist.
As reported in the Feb. 7 issue of The Scout, spring performer Ke$ha canceled her concert at Bradley and other locations in Illinois.
In an email to The Scout, Special Events Reserve Fund (SERF) coordinators junior Dashawn Cason, sophomore Chelsie Tamms and junior Chardeney Mason said they are waiting to hear back about the offer.
“A detail to note is that when it comes to accepting or rejecting an offer, there are many ‘moving parts’ that need to align perfectly to get an artist to say ‘yes’ to a school’s offer,” the email stated.
Some of those moving parts include the Renaissance Coliseum availability, artist’s tour dates and
if the artist is willing to perform at a college show, which the SERF coordinators said generally earn less profit.
“These are all aspects that are out of control,” the email stated.
The coordinators also commented on concert cancellations in general.
“With booking live entertainment on any scale, there will always be the risk of health, injury or personal emergencies,” the email stated. “These unfortunate circumstances are unavoidable and unpreventable. The only thing we can do is adapt and react quickly to these situations when they occur and act in the best interest of the student body.”
For official concert updates and information, check out the “ACBU Presents: Spring Concert 2014” Facebook page.

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