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Campus Crime Slow, BUPD On Alert

Although crime has been relatively quiet on campus this semester, the BUPD is still working hard to make sure students stay safe.
BUPD Chief of Police Brian Joschko said the low number of crimes committed this semester could be due to a number of factors, including increased police presence on and off campus.
“Criminals are risk adverse and are less likely to commit crimes if they believe they will be caught,” he said. “A constant police officer presence like that demonstrated by our dedicated officers will help to create that deterrence.”
On top of low crime around campus, the police briefs featured in The Scout each week may seem tamer, but Joschko said most student-related alcohol incidents are similar to last year.
“The number of cases of crimes and alcohol incidents this year is actually comparable to previous years,” Joschko said. “However, robberies, burglaries and thefts are down compared to the last two years.”
Despite the low crime on and off campus, the BUPD will be involved in several events to let students voice their concerns. Joschko said the department is working with Student Senate on the possible self-defense program, and he will be present at the Student Speak-Up event Nov. 18.
Students can also participate in the Vacant Watch program over the Thanksgiving and winter breaks, where BUPD officers keep an eye on one’s home or apartment while students are away.
One of the most visible programs initiated by the BUPD is the Hilltop Safety Cruiser, which celebrates its first year on campus this month. Joschko said The Scout’s Nov. 1 Cruiser story and poll helped show that the program is a clear success.
The Cruiser had a decrease in ridership in the beginning of the year due to nicer weather, but Joschko said he anticipates the same or greater number of ridership during the winter months.
“We will evaluate the ridership, and along with the input of the Student Safety Advisory Committee and others make a recommendation regarding whether or not to expand the program,” he said.
As for now, Joschko said the BUPD, Student Safety Advisory Committee and Student Senate’s safety department are working on new and innovative programs to keep campus safe.

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