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Local Business Feature: Get spooked at Halls of Horror

Creve Coeur haunted walkthrough Halls of Horror is open through Oct. 28. Walkthrough prop pictured.
Photo via Bobby Lee, owner of Halls of Horror

Halloween is the one time of the year people of all ages enjoy getting scared to death for pure excitement, and the newly established Halls of Horror in Creve Coeur, 601 Rusche Ln is a great local destination to get an adrenaline rush.

Owner Bobby Lee is no stranger to the haunted house business. After being in the industry for 10 years, he has assisted in building spooky attractions, training actors and everything else involved in preparation for each October.

Halls of Horror brings an interesting take on the haunted attraction business by offering a storyline each night.

[Halls of Horror] is theme-oriented, Lee said. It is more of a live-action type of attraction. There is a beginning, middle, climax and ending.

In regards to the overall theme of Halls of Horror, there is a story told from beginning to end about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to Lee, in this fictional plotline, there have been experiments gone terribly wrong, creating absolute chaos and horrifying creatures.

The story starts from the moment visitors begin waiting in line, which is a great way to get patrons involved right away, according to Lee.

You want to be entertained while waiting in line, Lee said. We have two giant screens of an inspector at the CDC giving snippets of what youre about to experience.

At most haunted houses, guests have to wait in line before experiencing a decent scare. However, at Halls of Horror, they start the haunting as soon as you arrive. By getting patrons invested in the story being told early on, they increase the overall fear factor of the attraction.

Working with people is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the business, according to Lee.

[I enjoy] meeting new people on a nightly basis, people of all ages, Lee said. Im a people watcher. Its so cool seeing peoples reactions.

Many attendees react to haunted houses differently, but some are more easily scared than others, Lee said. Halls of Horror perfectly blends storytelling with frightening themes to give guests an experience they wont forget.

Being the inaugural year for Halls of Horror, Lee said it has been a great experience putting together the attraction, getting volunteers and meeting a variety of different people throughout the process.

Today and tomorrow, Oct. 28, are the last days to experience Halls of Horror for the year. Tickets are 10 dollars per person and may be purchased at the door.

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