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Markin to offer alumni passes

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 9.50.58 PMSome new faces might be seen pumping iron and torching calories at the Markin Family Student Recreation Center next year.

Markin will offer memberships available to a selected 100 alumni starting January 2014.

Those who apply and meet the necessary criteria will be chosen through a lottery system. To be eligible for the membership, alumni must be a donor to Bradley within the last year, or do so before applying.

Director of Campus Recreation and Athletic Facilities Jessie Gentry said that the program was created in order to better utilize spaces on campus.

“It’s something our alumni have always wanted,” she said. “[However] it’s one of those things where we want to try and protect the space for current students.”

Alumni will pay a one-time fee in full of $500 for a one-year membership by Jan. 15, 2014. This breaks down to a monthly fee of roughly $40. The pass provides full access to building hours and is not refundable, with any remaining balance used as a gift to the University.
“It’s fairly in line with a typical single person gym membership,” Gentry said.

According to Gentry, the one time fee of $500 is due to the lack of resources at Markin to have membership passes.

Applications are accepted via online submission or via mail, and are due no later than Dec. 6, 2013.

A cap of 100 passes was placed for the first year to test the program and determine the overall impact of new members using it. If the members applying exceed the limit, a waitlist may be established.

“The usage over the first year will determine if we keep it at 100 or increase it,” she said. “If we cap it at 100, we can leave it open to more members if necessary.”
The limit and criteria requirements will also protect the building and students from overcrowding and unknown persons using the facility.

“We’re still very protective in making sure students have access to the centers,” Gentry said.

Overcrowding of the center, however, is not anticipated to be an issue.

“I think what we’ll see is that majority of people will use the building when it’s not going to be busy,” she said. “I think if most [alumni] have the flexibility to go in the morning before work, then they will.”

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