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New SABRC fundraising policy for club sports

The recent spring-like weather means more students are enjoying sports outside. But the weather isn’t the only change that will soon affect club sports.

The Student Activities Budget Review Council (SABRC) has changed the club sports’ fundraising process. The club sports used to be allocated through the general fund with all other clubs and organizations, but the allocation program is now under new leadership.

“Club sports is greatly varied when it comes to level of competitiveness, and some organizations are officially registered members of governing conferences, while others are simply looking for opportunities to play against schools in the region,” Director of Student Activities Tom Coy said. “This was very hard to discern in the current funding process, and further, the SABRC Funding Committee does not have any verification of participation of results of tournaments.”

The new program leadership includes Vice President of SABRC Erika Hallstedt, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Nick Kramer, and Assistant Director of Student Life Lauren Sandstrom as well as a panel of students involved in club sports.

“This is a much different conversation than bringing a speaker to campus,” Coy said. “Therefore, it makes sense for the proposals to be reviewed by their fellow peer athletes.”

Coy said some organizations didn’t end up using their funding, including one group who allocated $1400 but only used $30 last year.

“If we would have known sooner and had more concrete numbers, it is likely that the $1370 would have been allocated to other organizations,” Coy said. “It is our belief that through the more intentional relationship with campus recreation we can better allocate funds to our club sports teams.”

Hallstedt said she is looking forward to the changes in the funding for next year.

“This new process will allow the decisions about club sports funding to be made by people who are engaged in club sports themselves,” she said. “We’re hoping to see a more streamlined and efficient funding process for all of SABRC.”

Hallstedt said she thinks the changes will be helpful in future SABRC fund allocation.

“With club sports participants and [Kramer] bringing their knowledge of each clubs’ needs, the new procedure will be a huge help in getting the right amount of funds to the right groups,” said Hallstedt.

Coy said the 2013-2014 will be the pilot school year, but the funding meetings for student organizations and club sports have already been separated.

Hallstedt said she thinks the year might be difficult but that hopefully the year will result in an easier allocation process.

“We are going in with an open mind, knowing that this is new for everyone,” Hallstedt said. “After this semester we will be able to make any adjustments and make the process even smoother.”

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