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Student safety important on and off campus

Safety is important, on and off campus, and students should know what to do if or when they are in a situation where a crime is taking place.

“No matter where a person is, safety is a shared responsibility,” Bradley Chief of Police Brian Joschko said. “A couple of the most common safety prevention techniques would include keeping your dorm room or house locked at all times, whether you are home or away.”

“Do not keep your valuables in your vehicle, and if you do, keep them out of sight; secure your bicycle using a high quality security lock, not a simple cable.”

There are several things students can do to feel safe at night, Joschko said.

“Especially at night, travel in groups and use well lit walking paths,” he said. “Always be aware of your surroundings, and do not be distracted by talking on the phone or listening to music. During darkness, utilize the BUPD escort services [at 677-2000]. No matter how small an incident may be, go to a safe location and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible. When in doubt, call the police.”

Joschko said no matter where you are, on or off campus, crime can occur and students should be prepared.

“It makes no difference if you are in Chicago, a Chicago suburb or Peoria, because crime can happen anywhere at any time,” he said.

As for crime on campus, Joschko said the BUPD is always trying to deter crime.

“The BUPD remains committed to providing highly visible, proactive patrols to prevent, deter and suppress crime. We patrol on campus and the near off campus areas where most students reside. We maintain excellent working relationships with the Peoria Police Department, the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Patrol.”

If students would like BUPD assistance while off campus, students should feel free to call, Joschko said.

“BUPD provides escorts to students on campus and in the near off campus area,” he said. “Any service requests, such as rides or jumpstarts, outside of that area are evaluated on a case by case basis. If you aren’t sure what to do, call us just to be safe. It will never hurt.”

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