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Student Senate discusses second semester goals

Cold temperatures canceled Student Senate’s first regularly scheduled general assembly meeting Monday night, but its executives and members pushed ahead with their goals for the new semester. 

“This semester we hope to continue to pass resolutions regarding general student health as well as encourage students to participate in various health related events, which is in line with one of Student Senate Executive Board’s goals,” senior and Student Body President Zack Shaw said.

After a slow start to fall semester, due to unfilled Senate seats, Senate hopes to capitalize on the progress it made during December when it passed multiple resolutions.

Sophomore and Vice President of Academic Affairs Sarah Handler, who worked with Senate last semester to pass a resolution to increase free Center for Learning (CLA) tutoring hours, said she will work with Honors Program Director Kyle Dzapo and Provost David Glassman this semester to potentially give honors students an additional free credit hour.

Currently, honors students, like all Bradley students, may take a maximum of 16 credit hours with regular tuition plus a free one-credit honors seminar. Under Handler’s proposal, Honors Program students would be able to take 17 credit hours a semester, plus retain the additional free honors seminar hour, allowing them to take 18 credit hours a semester for the price of 16.

“Additional free credit hours is a ‘perk’ given to honors students at other colleges, and it would be great if Bradley could implement this policy,” Handler said. “Clearly, the honors students deserve it.”

Senate also has goals for the new semester outside of academics, focusing on parts of student life and the greater community.

The Department of Campus Affairs will follow up on its recently passed St. James smoking resolution, which proposed making St. James smoke free, according to senior and Vice President of Campus Affairs Emily Corona. Additionally, Corona said students will see the return of popular themed meal days, such as Mac ‘n’ Cheese Friday and Sunday Wings, in Geisert Cafeteria.

“Many years ago, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Fridays were a huge hit and brought many people to the cafeteria,” Corona said. “I hope it will be brought back with the same popularity.”

Sophomore and Vice President of City and Local Affairs Jason Blumenthal said his committee will present a resolution to grant access to students by installing a student organization scan door lock to the third and fourth floors of Sisson Hall on the weekends. Currently, those floors, which house the offices for many of Bradley’s student organizations, are locked during the weekend. Blumenthal’s committee hopes to create a better relationship with the local community as well.

“We will be forging a closer bond between the student body and the people of the surrounding communities via the West Bluff Council,” Blumenthal said.

Other Senate departments, including Student Relations, Campus Safety, Diversity Affairs and Internal Affairs, are also working toward their goals. Junior and Vice President of Student Relations Holly Alguire said her committee will continue to promote their Twitter and Facebook pages as a way to inform the student body of Senate happenings and promote Rise of the Red.

Junior and Vice President of Campus Safety Cody Lonigro said his committee will continue to monitor the campus safety cruiser and will address fire evacuation maps in academic building this semester, while sophomore and Vice President of Diversity Affairs Jay Mehta is working on a proposal to remodel the Romeo B. Garrett Cultural Center.

The Department of Internal Affairs, under the direction of junior and Vice President Russell Howland, will continue to approve resolutions proposed by senators and make sure the constitution is followed.

“We also hope to continue our success in making progress toward a campus that fits the needs of all students,” Shaw said.

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