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LMFAO to bring excitment to campus

This past fall, the Activities Council of Bradley University brought the alternative rock band Taking Back Sunday and the pop punk band, the Maine, to campus. Both bands, which had only a few popular hits, drew in a disappointing crowd. The show sold 55 percent less tickets than the previous Jason Derulo and Mike Posner concert and the arena was half empty.

Friday at Late Night BU, ACBU announced that a more popular artist will be making a visit to Bradley’s campus: DJ Redfoo from LMFAO. Even though only one of the LMFAO duo performers will be on campus, the concert will create more buzz and excitement among students than Taking Back Sunday.

In addition to hosting a more mainstream artist, ACBU is trying something new with seating arrangements at this semester’s concert. For LMFAO’s performance there will be a general admission pit. This will eliminate the safety risk that has occurred at previous concerts when students moved chairs in order to get closer to the stage. It will also rid of the perception that the first 10 rows will be able to sit and enjoy the concert.

Regardless of whether or not if you listen to LMFAO, or even music in the pop punk genre, DJ Redfoo will be able to deliver a show appeals to all students. LMFAO’s music provides a partylike feel with its fast beats and lyrics. It’s the type of music you hear on the radio, at bars and parties. This is the kind of artist that will attract groups of friends looking to have fun and not just loyal fans. As opposed to Taking Back Sunday, students will be able to dance and rock out to familiar hits such as “Shots” and “Sexy and I Know It.”

This is exactly the kind of performer Bradley needs and wants. There aren’t many events on campus that gets Bradley students excited. The closest event to this would be the men’s basketball game that was held in the Renaissance Coliseum last semester. At that game, the arena was loud and full of Bradley pride. More groups of students came out to that single basketball game than any other game prior, not necessarily because they loved basketball, but because they went with friends for fun. DJ Redfoo’s performance may potentially draw a similar crowd, as well as mimic the performance of Weezer as a show many students went to “just because.”

It’s artists like LMFAO that Bradley students want to see. This is why the recent student activ- ity fee raise can be beneficial for ACBU. With increased financial support, ACBU will be able to bring-in larger acts, eliminating mistakes like Taking Back Sunday. And even if ACBU is still struggling next fall, then maybe Bradley should consider hosting one major concert instead of two a year, making it possible to bring in more popular acts like LMFAO.

There is high confidence that LMFAO will draw a large crowd. There are a lot of factors, such as a well-known name and an upbeat music genre, in DJ Refoo’s favor. Hopefully he and his crew can overcome the struggles of the Taking Back Sunday performance and bring an exciting and energizing show to campus.

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