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Senate involvement gives forum for student voices

A single voice can raise concerns, question administration and support initiatives. And with a single voice, a problem can be transformed into a solution.

Some may not believe it, but a single voice on Bradley’s campus can achieve a lot.

As a small university with only 3,000 undergraduates, many members of the administration, faculty and staff value the concerns and opinions of the student body. Not just the student body as a whole, but individual concerns as well.

Members of the university make themselves available to students every day of the week. Either through email or personal meetings, students can interact and speak to some of the major players on campus.

University President Joanne Glasser even holds office hours once a month to allow students to voice their concerns. This is something that students at larger universities are most likely unable to do.

Granted not every problem or concern of students can be addressed, students still have the opportunity to have their voices heard, and that is important.

The administration tries its best to stay transparent and allow students to have a say in the type of education and environment Bradley provides to its students. The problem is, there aren’t many students taking advantage of it.

It’s easy to complain or moan and groan about problems on campus, but it’s harder to do something about it. Nothing is going to change until someone takes the initiative to speak up.

Student Body Officer elections are nearly a month a way and senate is calling for leaders who are proactive and motivated. Those who are vocal about their complaints and want to see changes on campus should consider getting involved.

Sure, if you have a problem you can reverse it by speaking to an administration member yourself, but by joining Student Senate, you gain a built-in support team. Over the past three years, many changes have been made, but some of the larger changes have been possible because of Student Senate.

One voice can make a difference, but many voices can make a change. Through Student Senate, free condoms have been brought on to campus and into dorms, and the MAP Grant was rallied for, and is still, providing financial support for students. Both of these changes have positively influenced student-life across campus and both initiatives were spearheaded by Student Body Officers.

It’s time that students step up to the plate and be the difference they wish to see.

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