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Student Senate still has time to take action

On an academic schedule, many classes have already reached and passed the “halfway” point for the semester. From midterms on, it’s usually a quick finish to finals with winter break just around the corner.

By looking at the progress Student Senate has made, or lack there of, it is not evident that we are ten weeks into the school year.

This year we have seen two resolutions passed through senate. The first was a proposal to update the current Bradley fight song lyrics and a second was the health resolution that has the possibility of making condoms more accessible to students.

Composing and creating only two resolutions is not something to be proud of.

For those of you unaware, last year during the fall semester several members of the senate executive board and assembly fought with each other every week.

It was plain high school pettiness and immaturity. This attitude put a damper on Senate’s ability to serve as leaders on campus and it showed. At this time last year, they had only passed two resolutions as well.

With a fresh executive board this fall, we had high expectations for Bradley’s student government. But instead, we’re disappointed.

More than 40 members strong, each member has been chosen to represent the student body. They have been given the opportunity to take complaints from their peers, find a solution and address the administration. Virtually, members of senate have the ability to propose new ideas, potentially change the minds of administration members and make changes on campus.

You would think with that ability, all members of senate would be motivated to make a change.

For the first time in a few years, Student Senate has seen lengthy debates and a display of opinions across the floor, so we know they care. That drive needs to be channeled into making more resolutions that would benefit the student body.

Before student body officer elections last spring, our editorial board sat down with each candidate on the ballot and discussed their goals and plans for the senate.

Each member presented several changes on campus they wished to pursue and change through senate.

Our question is: where did those ideas go? We certainly haven’t seen them.

With only a half a semester left, student senators need to step up to the plate. Over the next couple of weeks, we hope to see new ideas come from senate members. There is no need for two years of disappointment in a row, and there’s plenty of time for improvements.

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