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Police Reports: 2017-03-31

Officers were dispatched after a male student was reported attempting to enter a dorm elevator while holding a traffic sign at 3:20 a.m. March 23 on 911 N. Duryea Ave.

A female student on the dorm staff told the officers she heard noise coming from the elevator and saw the male trying to fit the traffic sign into the elevator. When the officers arrived, they located the student and asked for his ID. The student smelled like alcohol, and his ID said he was 19 years old. Officers said the student was uncooperative and denied bringing the sign into the building.

The student received a citation for consumption of alcohol by a minor, and the Grounds Department picked up the traffic sign.



A faculty member received an email from a male student stating that one of the student’s other professors made alarming and threatening statements to the students in class at 4:15 p.m. March 23 at 1422 W. Main St.

The student also sent the faculty member a recording of the professor’s threats, and the student said he was frightened to return to class.

The faculty member reported the professor to BUPD, and the matter is under investigation.



Officers were dispatched to conduct a dorm drug search at 1:53 a.m. March 26 at 912 Elmwood Ave.

The officers conducted the search in a dorm room while the student residents were still present. Eight smoking devices, two grinders and four containers with other drug equipment and pills as well as three bags of cannabis were found in the room.

All equipment was confiscated by the officers.



A female student was reported depositing a check and sending money overseas, which resulted in losing $2,000 at 2:58 p.m. March 28 at 1307 W. Bradley Ave.

The student said she is registered online to find babysitting jobs. She was recently contacted by a person in Denmark to be a personal assistant. The person who offered the student a job sent her a check for $2,000 and told her to deposit the check into her bank account, then withdraw money and send it to two accounts in Turkey. The student sent the money out and then noticed the balance in her bank account was negative.

Officers determined the check was fake, and the student sent her own money overseas. The student has tried to contact the alleged employer but has had no success.

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