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Police Reports: 2017-09-29

A male student was found urinating on the second floor of Duryea Parking Deck by Bradley University Police (BUPD) at 814 Duryea Pl. at 11 a.m. Sept. 19.

One student witnessed the male and another student in the parking deck leave a car and urinate in a corner. The witness said he saw the two other students walk out of the parking deck and into Williams Hall. The witness took a photo of where the other student urinated as well as a photo of the license plate of the car.

The witness then contacted BUPD, and from the license plate, BUPD was able to find the cars owner. BUPD then contacted the owner and tried to question the student.

After the owner of the car spoke with an officer, BUPD received an anonymous phone call from another student who said they overheard the call with the owner of the car. After the phone call ended, the owner said he gave the officer a fake name of the student who urinated in the parking deck.

BUPD then contacted the owner of the car and explained the owner was committing an obstruction of justice, and the owner apologized and gave the officer the real name of the student.

No charges were pressed against the student.


Officers extinguished two mattresses that were on fire at 1 a.m. Sept. 23 at 1720 W. Bradley Ave.

Officers were responding to a call in the area when they noticed the two mattresses on fire. The mattresses were located near a building with two apartments, and a student living in one of the apartments did not notice the fire.

The student said the residents of the other apartment were in the process of moving, so the student said the mattresses could have belonged to them, but they werent sure.

BUPD started to extinguish the fire, and then the Peoria Fire Department came and extinguished the fire completely.

The fire caused no injuries.


A male student reported four juveniles making threats toward him at 12:20 a.m. Sept. 24 at 627 N. Western Ave.

The student said he was waiting for food at the McDonalds drive thru after working at his off-campus job at Elevate Trampoline Park when a vehicle came into the parking lot, passed the students vehicle then backed up.

The student said there was a teen night at the trampoline park that night, and some of the teenagers had been kicked out and banned due to poor conduct.

The student said there were four juveniles in the vehicle, and they asked the student if he worked at Elevate Trampoline Park and if he would be working there the next day. When the student said he would, one of the juveniles said he was going to f*** it up, referring to Elevate Trampoline Park.

The student then received his food and left. He reported the incident to police and gave them a description of the juveniles. The student said he knew two of the juveniles by name and recognized the other two.

No charges were pressed.

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