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Back to “Hell’s Kitchen”

With the release of “Daredevil” season two, our favorite lawyers have their work cut out for them after taking down the Kingpin.

With the Kingpin out of the way, every scumbag wants a piece of that power. Enter Frank Castle, The Punisher, a man hell-bent on getting revenge on the mob for killing his family.

Unlike Daredevil, who puts bad guys behind bars, The Punisher puts them in the ground. It raises the superhero question: Are monsters even worth saving?

The crème de la crème of season two was the court case, “The Punisher vs. the People of New York.” We finally get to see the boys do what they do best; Be lawyers. Combining the jargon, the scramble for evidence and the surprising conclusion, this is the highlight of the season.

The show itself succeeds because of the humanity of its characters. These aren’t perfect paragons of justice; they are characters you can relate to. Watching the roller coaster of Nelson and Murdock’s friendship is an ordeal I saw coming, but that didn’t make it any easier to bear. This season tackles the subject of “superheroing and personal lives don’t mix,” which is cliché, but handled very well. Secrets have a cost, and that cost is high for Nelson and Murdock.

This isn’t just a boys club, either. Karen had her own journey this season that was arguably the better of them. Everyone wants to write Frank off as a psychopath, but Karen can’t let go of her urge to know the truth. Like a true journalist, she follows this hunch to its dangerous conclusion.

However, every good season has its drawbacks. For this one, it’s Elektra. Elektra is a femme fatale with a dark past tied to Daredevil. Sadly, this ninja loses her charm rather quickly. We get it; you’re sexy and mysterious. Now go develop some real qualities.

Overall, the season was still a blast. The development of the main trio of characters as they walk very different paths is nothing short of brilliant and well worth every hour.

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