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‘The Bold Type:’ fashionable and fresh

When first seeing a promo for The Bold Type, I was ecstatic at the notion of a show about journalism with strong female leads. Upon discovering it was premiering on Freeform, my initial excitement diminished. I immediately envisioned something like show-runner The Fosters, where the writers seem like theyre trying way too hard to be woke.

However, I still gave The Bold Type a shot, and within the first 20 minutes of the pilot episode, I was sold. Twenty more minutes, and I was completely hooked.

The Bold Type is an hour-long drama featuring three besties living and working in New York City. Together, they tackle personal and professional issues at the Cosmopolitan-inspired magazine Scarlet.

Katie Stevens shines as Jane Sloan, the latest and most ambitious addition to the writing staff at Scarlet. Social media guru Kat (Aisha Dee) and fashion assistant Sutton (Meghann Fahy) are equally as lovable. And while I loved Melora Hardins role of Jan on The Office, she is an absolute dream as Jacqueline, the editor-in-chief of Scarlet on The Bold Type.

Its relatable characters weave modern issues into every episode and, best of all, its done in a quirky and entertaining way. The storyline is far from stereotypical, being refreshingly devoid of backstabbing amongst female friends and coworkers. But its still TV, equipped with some unrealistic elements to keep the audience laughing. I mean, who has ever heard of romantic sex at an airport?

Even the beginning monologue is charming. The narrator alludes to what all us viewers are thinking: these ladies feel like our friends, and were just tuning in to catch up on their engaging lives.

The Bold Type is a step above the dramatic and clich nature of shows like Gossip Girl, but it also refuses to shy away from revolutionary and heavy topics. However, the material is handled delicately, and no mental preparation is necessary for an episode. The political commentary is also done in a smart way thats never in your face, a blessing in our current era.

The music integrated throughout the show is also absolutely spectacular. Ive never been so impressed with the timeliness of songs and their appropriate placement. Recently released songs and popular artists such as Marian Hill, Lon and Galantis are featured every week. It truly benefits the show without carrying the plot like some original soundtracks of other shows have a tendency of doing.

Its tenth episode (season finale) aired on Sept. 5, and the show didnt exactly leave off on a cliffhanger that would demand a renewal. In fact, the season was wrapped up a little too nicely for comfort.

The finale was also its most powerful episode. It was hinted at throughout the final episode, but its impossible to prepare for the full-circle closing moment. Tears were definitely in the forecast.

Sex and the City was before my time, but The Bold Type is a fabulous consolation prize. Now, lets just hope season two is in the works, because this is the type of television we have all patiently been waiting for.

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