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Police Reports 4.19.13

  •  An officer was called around 2:20 a.m. April 12 regarding a male who was urinating outside a business in the 1200 block of Bradley Ave. The officer found the male student inside the business. The male said he did not urinate on the street. When asked for his ID, the male gave the officer his brother’s Bradley ID. The officer also saw an Ohio State ID not belonging to male. The male said he used the ID to get into a bar on Farmington Road. The officer confiscated the ID and logged it into Bradley Police evidence. When the male was talking to the officer, a male student friend started to use profanities when speaking to the officer. The friend received a ticket for shouting on a public way, and the male received a ticket for having a fake ID and underage drinking. Both were referred to Residential Life.


  • Female students were running and screaming on a floor in Geisert Hall at 4:10 a.m. April 12. An officer arrived and saw people sitting in the study room. He asked the group if they saw anyone running and screaming. A female student said she was “fine.” Her speech was slurred and her eyes were dilated. The officer asked the female if she had anything to drink and she said no. She took a breathalyzer that registered at .262.  A medic arrived and transported the female to OSF St. Francis Medical Center. Before the female left, the officer told her he was referring her to Residential Life. She tried to bribe the officer to not refer her because she already had one strike for underage drinking.


  •  A female non-student called the Bradley Police Department around 3 p.m. April 12. She was driving in the 700 block of Duryea Ave when male student jumped out in front of her car, causing her to stop rapidly. She was alarmed and wanted the student to get a ticket. An officer contacted the student, and he admitted jumping in front of her car. He received a ticket for disorderly conduct.


  • A patrol officer saw a male student running in circles in the street in the 1500 block of Bradley Ave. As the officer passed, the male yelled a profanity at him. The officer stopped and the male ran into a residence. The officer was able to contact the male, but he was uncooperative and denied yelling at the officer. He was taken into custody and sent to Peoria County Jail for obstructing and resisting police, disorderly conduct and underage drinking.


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