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Police Reports: March 11, 2022

  • At 11 p.m. on March 8 in Williams Hall, a student had a large collection of urine in his room, stored in resealable bags and plastic bottles, which then leaked out of the room. The liquid was discovered running under the door of another room onto a carpet. The girls in the affected dorm then notified the hall staff and went to the room where the liquid was coming from. When staff went into the room, they found a garbage bag that was full of bottles with urine. Along with that bag, there were multiple others littered around the room. Piles of clothes and other items in the dorm were soaked with urine. The student was called back to the room for questioning. While he did not go into the reasoning behind the collection of urine, he admitted it was a concern. Custodial staff was notified about the issue and called to come clean. While a custodian was cleaning, another bag burst and more urine spread. The student left and went to his fraternity house, while the girls in the dorm room stayed in a different room.

  • Around 8:23 p.m. on March 2 at Renaissance Coliseum, multiple fights broke out at the Bradley-hosted IHSA sectional game between Manual High School and Rock Island High School. At the conclusion of the game, a fight involving approximately 100 people broke out on the upper corner on the northeast side of the Renaissance Coliseum consisting of only students from Peoria Public Schools. There was already a significant police presence, including numerous officers from the Peoria Police Department and Peoria Public Schools security officers. However, as the fight was being broken up, the parties became separated and spread to the front of the Coliseum and in the atrium. A city-wide assist was called, meaning mutual aid was requested from every available unit in Peoria County and the city. The police deployed pepper ball guns and shot at the feet of the crowd to try and break up the fights. One person involved in the fight was transported to a hospital, and one was treated on scene before being released to their guardian.

  • At 9 p.m. on March 2 in Harper Hall, Residential Life conducted a drug search and turned over drug equipment items that were found in one of the dorm rooms. The items found consisted of a metal grinder and a glass smoking pipe. The items were confiscated by hall staff and turned over to the BUPD, where they were tagged and logged as evidence.

  • Around 3:26 p.m. on March 4 in Harper Hall, a student received a notification on her phone about being tracked. The alert said that an unknown accessory was detected and that it had been tracking her location for hours. She could not locate any air tags on her person or in her belongings and was unable to turn off the tracker. The student has not had any issues with anyone and was told to notify police if the issue persists. She also planned to talk with an Apple Store or reset her phone in hopes of a solution.

  • An update on the former student dumping soil in Markin and Sisson hall last week: she delivered two boxes of candy and a shoebox with Spider-Man on it. The word “strings” was written on the front of the shoebox. When opened up, it said “or nerves,” and contained a pile of gummy worms and a few M&M’s.
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