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“That Skating Show”: A ’70s-themed blast to the past

Bradley blasted back to the past with a pop-up skate rink on Sept. 8., “That Skating Show” was held in the Markin Performance Court with a 1970s theme.

Students came dressed in vintage-esque bell-bottoms and corduroys, flashing peace signs and grinning at one another as they skated to the upbeat party music that the DJ blasted.

ACBU events coordinator, Rebecca Miller, was one person responsible for hosting “That Skating Show,” which is the first event of its kind.

“Since we’re coming out of COVID, it’s kind of driving us to be more creative, you know?” Miller said.

Miller was dressed up in a “flower power”-inspired outfit at the event.

“I have a lot of flowers, not only on my pants, but we have a photo-wall up with flowers on it, too,” Miller stated. “It just goes with the ’70s vibe we wanted.”

ACBU has hosted themed events before, but they were smaller-scale affairs, such as pajamas with a movie.

“We wanted kind of a ‘That ’70s Show’ kind of feel,” Miller said. 

The event featured giveaway items such as glow sticks, flower crowns, peace necklaces and circle glasses reminiscent of the past. 

Cassandra Albino, a junior industrial engineering major, attended the event.

“It was a great experience; I love to try new things, and skating is a great way to connect with others and to do something you don’t normally get to do,” Albino said.

The event was bustling, complete with a homemade skate rink and a lot of lights to give it the disco feel.

“The ACBU has a number of contacts with different agencies from past events and stuff,” Miller said. “The company chosen for ‘That Skating Show’ had been used for other events as well, so we knew they would be good quality.”

For information about future events, check out Hilltop Happenings as well as ACBU’s Instagram and Facebook pages

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