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Bradley ID updates for convenience, security

Bradley student identification cards have under gone a major facelift, providing new features and tools for the convenience of students.

The new ID cards serve the same functionality as the older ones, but now they have several added bonus features such as access to dormitory entry and a Discover card.

“The new card has everything the old one had,” said Bradley Controller Pratima Gandhi. “The new one has the same swipe feature, but now the new card is also a contact-less card. So students are able to tap to receive entrance into dorms and other buildings on campus.”

Heitz Hall is the only dormitory on campus that currently requires students to swipe, or “tap” to gain entrance.

Resident Advisor in Heitz, Bryant Au, said he and his residents like that their ID can be used to enter the dorm.

“They’re great,” he said. “I think it’s easier. Not too many people use the keys to get into the building right now, it’s definitely more popular to use your ID.”

Gandhi said all incoming freshmen were given the new ID card, and upperclassmen students who would like to exchange their old ID can do so free of charge, though it is not necessary.

“Readers on campus, like at the library, will still have the swipe option so that students can still swipe in using the old card,” she said.

In addition to the tap feature, the new ID cards also have a Discover Money Network option, which allows the card to also serve as a pre-paid debit card.

Students and parents now have the ability to deposit money onto the card and are able to withdrawal without additional fees from any ATM on campus.

Additionally, because it serves a gift card, students are unable to overdraw.

“I think the idea of having a debit card in your student ID is nice for freshman if their parents want to send them money,” Au said. “Personally I don’t use it because it just becomes another card I need to keep track of.”

Gandhi said students who receive payroll could choose to receive it through their Discover Money Network account, giving them more access to their paycheck.

“Instead of receiving a check and cashing it at the cashiers office, students can take their ID to any ATM and receive cash off of the card or use it like a debit card, ” she said.

Even though the system hasn’t been used for payroll yet, Bradley Payroll Coordinator, Tankika Rodgers. said she is curious to see how it will work.

“I like it,” Rodgers said. “I like the idea of the convenience. Many times students come in with checks they have held on to for months. With the Discover card they won’t have to deal with that. In the long run it is more versatile, and once students see how easy it is to access their payroll, more people will sign up.”

Ghandi said the controller’s office has been researching different ID card options over the past year to find what would be best for students.

“Some universities have two cards, one to access dorms and the other to access money,” Assistant controller Dennis Koch said. “But this way the card is all in one, and students don’t have to carry around two or three cards.”

Koch said the controller’s office has gone through several scenarios to help students navigate the system.

“If students have any trouble or questions we encourage them to give us a call,” Koch said. “We internally tested the system so that we would be able to help.”

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