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BU recycling program to begin in academic buildings

Bradley’s recycling program is entering phase two and 100 new recycling bins have been ordered for academic and support buildings on campus.

The 100 new bins will be enough to put two bins at each location in Olin Hall, Swords Hall, Jobst Hall and Baker Hall. Olin Hall will be the first building to receive new recycling bins, said member of the Sustainability Committee and Student Body President Tricia Anklan.

Kathleen O’Brien is one of six students who are a part of the Sustainability Committee and she said having more bins in non-residential buildings will be convenient, and will increase recycling.

“We are getting more recycling bins so that we can make it more accessible for students to use the option of recycling,” O’Brien said. “Students want convenience and the average student or faculty [member] is not going to hold on to their recycling until they get back to their home or dorm or when they see one in another location. Thus, we are going to put the recycling bins in places that people would likely throw things away.”

O’Brien said this convenience will help improve the current recycling system on campus.

“So instead of walking out the door and throwing their water bottle in the garbage, [students] will now be able to throw it in the recycling bin,” she said.

The recycling bins will be similar to those found in residence halls, but will help students and faculty to easily identify where which recyclable belong by separating aluminum, glass, tin and plastics from paper.

“With the high level of recycling we have, we can’t mix recyclables,” Anklan said. “But it’s a pretty natural separation, and the slits of the bins restrict what you can put in. It’s not too difficult and it makes people conscious of what they’re recycling. I don’t think the bins will be detrimental to the program.”

Anklan said the recycling program will make a positive impact on campus, as well as the environment.

“We are purchasing these bins and starting comprehensive recycling programs to ensure that Bradley is a sustainable institution that does its part to preserve the environment,” she said.

O’Brien said she agrees the program is a step toward encouraging students and faculty to be more environmentally friendly.

“Spreading the recycling program to the academic buildings is just one of the many steps to making students and faculty more aware of Bradley’s push for a greener campus and greener world,” she said. “The hope is that if people start recycling more, they may get involved in other ways in promoting a more environmentally friendly campus. Everyone can do their part and recycling is one the best places to start.”

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