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Fraternity hopes to bridge gap between councils

A new organization has recently been granted membership in the Interfraternity Council with the goal of enhancing Greek unity across campus.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was unanimously voted as a preliminary member of IFC on April 2.

At a national level, Kappa Alpha Psi has dual membership in two governing bodies of Greek life, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and the National Interfraternity Council, therefore giving Kappa Alpha Psi the ability to become a member of both councils on campus.

“Having dual membership in both is a good idea for just to bridge the gap between the NIC and NPHC communities and promote Greek unity,” said Vice President of Kappa Alpha Psi Chris Stephens.

Jesse Koch, the associate director of fraternity and sorority life, said he thinks the fraternity’s decision to obtain dual membership made sense.

“They have the same mission and values and this will help increase collaboration, develop friendships and relationships,” he said.

As part as IFC’s membership policies, all chapters must hold an average GPA of 2.5. Alpha Kappa Psi does not meet the GPA requirement and as a result was only granted preliminary membership. If they achieve a 2.5 GPA this semester, the organization is eligible for full membership in the fall.

Even with preliminary membership and the inability to vote, Alpha Kappa Psi is still able to voice their opinion, attend council meetings and events as well as serve on committees.

“We will be studying and we are revamping study tables [to raise the GPA],” said Alpha Kappa Psi President Aaron Griffin. “We also have started a program to tutor kids and help them study. This has motivated the brothers academically because we don’t want to tell [the kids we are tutoring] to achieve academically and study when we are not doing that ourselves.”

Through dual membership, Stephens said he hopes it will bring both communities together.

“In a way, all the Greek houses are separated,” he said. “Being a member of both councils will increase collaboration and uplift the campus.”

IFC President Walter Prescott said he believes, through developing individual friendships between both councils, they will see significant results.

“A lot of councils have pushed for Greek unity,” he said. “As well as awareness and participation in each other’s events. We’re going to do our best to get our councils to support each other and develop relationships.”

In addition to Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. also has dual membership in both the NIC and NPHC councils. Both Stephens and Griffin said they would encourage the fraternity to seek membership in IFC.

“I think it’s important to progress this gradually,” Prescott said. “You have to do it the right time. Alpha Kappa Psi felt it was the right time for them, but it’s up to [the chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha] to decide if it’s right for them. We’re happy to have Alpha Kappa Psi and we are always looking to expand.”

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