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Garrett Center policy change a positive decision

Last semester students expressed their unhappiness and frustration toward the party policy of the Garrett Cultural Center.

Among the rules and regulations that came along with hosting an event at the center, there are a few specific parts of the policy that seem unfair to students.

Specifically that organizations must submit a guest list two days prior to the event and that campus police must not only be present, but the student organization must pay them.

The policy, as stated in “Garrett Center policy change secures students’ wallets,” had required host student organizations to pay $20 per hour for each campus police officer on duty working the event.

Several students said that since the event is hosted by a student organization and takes place on campus, then students should have to pay.

In the Dec. 2 article “Garrett Center Policy Upsets Students,” Vice President of the Association of Latin American Students Marybel Parra argued the policy was unfair.

“’We have to pay $200 plus in order to have a party,’” she said. “’Part of that money goes to the [BUPD] when, in reality, we shouldn’t have to pay them pocket change for doing their daily job, protecting students.’”

But recently, students’ concerns have been acknowledged. Vice President of Student Affairs Alan Galsky said the President’s Cabinet decided to no longer charge students for security of on-campus activities. This not only includes events at the Garrett Center but all campus events where security would be necessary.

The change in policy is one that shows the value student voices have on campus and the students’ ability to work with policies and administration on campus. Reconsidering the current policy and deciding the cost of security was a university responsibility and was a smart choice for the President’s Cabinet.

Even though last semester Bradley University Police Chief Brian Joschko said he would like to see a campus-wide shared responsibility to pay for security at student-hosted events, the change in policy assists organizations with limited funds and won’t deter hosting social or fund raising events.

It also ensures that all student events, including ones fraternities, sororities, clubs and student groups host, will not have the concern of funding security. Furthermore, it will allow organizations to host fundraising concerts, speakers, events and gathers without additional financial concern.

If the change in policy had the reverse outcome and the President’s Cabinet decided that paying for security should be a shared responsibility, student organizations would have been unsatisfied, which could have caused damage to the relationship between the administration and students.

This is certainly a success for the student organizations, specifically those who expressed concerns about the Garrett Center policy.

Although they are appreciative, some students have still expressed concern about the requirement for a guest list.

The Garrett Center staff said the reasoning behind requiring a guest list is because of conflicts and safety threats caused by students, are often non-Bradley students, who have attended events at the center.

Student’s arguments, though valid, disregard the fact that by providing a guest list the BUPD can better determine how much security should be present.

It’s great that student leaders have expressed their concerns, and made a change. It will be a positive change for student organizations.

It is important that we, as students, continue to vocalize both positive and negative opinions. But sometimes beggars can’t be choosers.

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