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Students should have more spaces to park

I’m a busy person. I feel like I am always on the run and never have the chance to stop and catch my breath. Because of this, by the time I have graduated from Bradley, I will have mastered the skill of multi-tasking.

Last week, while I was practicing the art of multi-tasking I was punished. I was driving through campus when I remembered I had to pick something up from the Student Activities Office. Peoria Charter buses were lining the building, where I would usually park and throw on my emergency lights, so I pulled into a regular parking spot and dashed into the Student Center.

Five minutes later, if even, I returned to my car to find a parking ticket planted under my windshield wipers. It was like someone was sitting and waiting for me to pull into the spot.

Needless to say, I was frustrated.

Sure I could have gone home then walked back to campus, but that would have been inconvenient. Luckily most Bradley students live within walking distance of campus and can avoid getting parking tickets, but what about non-traditional students or community members who have to make a short trip to campus, or visitors?

There are two designated areas on campus for visitor parking. One is the lot right behind the student center and there are six parking spots for visitors on the west side of campus.

On an average day, that lot is mostly filled, and even when it isn’t, I feel that first time visitors of campus aren’t aware of where visitor parking is located.

In addition to visitor’s parking, Director of Conference Facilities and Parking Charmin Hibberd said there are five areas on campus dedicated to temporary, fifteen minute parking such as outside of Swords Hall and Geisert Hall.

If you can’t find a spot in one the temporary spaces and are a student who lives off-campus, you can purchase a parking permit for $50 for the whole school year. Personally I think $50 spent on a campus parking permit would be money poorly spent if you only drive to campus on occasion.

Although campus has dedicated a few areas to students who need to run a quick errand, I think there should be a few spaces on Elmwood Avenue available for students like me.

I understand that there is only so much space on this campus but I feel the little space we have can be better utilized.

Elmwood is home to valuable parking space because it is the heart of campus. There’s a lot that goes on between Center Court, the bookstore and the Student Center, which is why all students should  have access to park at there.

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