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Video games I’ve revisited while stuck at home

As the shelter-in-place order continues, I have been finding things to fill my time at home between work for online classes. Being stuck in isolation has given me the opportunity to revisit some of my long-lost favorite games, as well as finally get through new ones. Here are some experiences I’ve had while trying to recapture some nostalgia, in addition to beating the boredom that we can all relate to:

‘Animal Crossing’ (2001)
Despite being a huge fan of the series for a long time, I still haven’t joined the rest of my friends (or the internet, for that matter) in playing the series’ latest addition, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” The next best thing available is the original, the one that started it all. Dusting off a game that I hadn’t played in what felt like ages, I was greeted with the same town I had left back in 2016. I was immediately reminded of what made this game special. It is simply impossible to be stressed out while playing “Animal Crossing.” Whether it’s just a day of virtual fishing or exploring your own personal town, it’s always a joy to come back to this classic.

‘EarthBound’ (1994)
For most of the extended break, I spent many nights up until the early hours of the morning playing the cult classic “EarthBound,” a game that blends almost every bad ‘50s sci-fi movie trope with witty dialogue and features one of the most charming worlds of any ‘90s video game. The game uses every turn to insert its characteristic wit, whether it’s the unusual cast of friends and villains or the numerous references to older pop culture, ranging anywhere from the Beatles to the Blues Brothers. “EarthBound” continues to be a strange yet funny and endearing story that remains timeless.

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ (2017)
The most recent game on this list, “Breath of the Wild” is something special from the Zelda series. As someone who grew up with the series, this installment reaches back to the roots, with an entire world built to explore and no limit to the player’s imagination. In true Zelda fashion, “Breath of the Wild” captures the feeling of true exploration, and the expansive world gives no shortage of things for the player to discover, which makes being stuck at home feel a little less boring.

These were just a few games that occupied my time and kept my life from being boring. So, if you’re stuck at home or at Bradley, my advice to you is to try playing something new or go back to an old video game you haven’t touched in a while. Who knows, you might recapture some unexpected memories.

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