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A proposed setlist for Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show

One of the most successful musical superstars of the generation is R&B singer Rihanna, but she hasn’t performed or released music in years. So when the NFL announced this past week that she would be headlining the halftime show at Super Bowl LVII, there was widespread excitement. 

Throughout the week, fans have been speculating about what Rihanna’s decision to perform means for her career and if she’ll be releasing new music in the months to come.

But with eight studio albums to choose from, I’m more focused on which songs she’ll select for what’s sure to be an amazing performance. After careful consideration, here are the songs I’d like to see Rihanna perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

1. “Pon de Replay”

What better way to open her first Super Bowl performance than with the song that launched her career? Not only is “Pon de Replay” a classic throwback, but its dancehall-pop vibe will undoubtedly make fans want to get up and groove.

2. “Diamonds”

If we’re talking greatest hits, “Diamonds” is certainly one of Rihanna’s best. Her performance will surely “shine bright” if she includes this track. It is guaranteed to get fans singing along and evoke an intense feeling of nostalgia.

3. “Pour It Up”

“Pour It Up” is probably the most hyped song on this list. It’s a feel-good track that highlights a love for money and all the material things you can buy when you have lots of it. If you’re in college and at least 21 years old, you just might listen to it while you’re pouring it up before going out on the weekend.

4. “Desperado”

“Desperado” is a hidden gem from Rihanna’s last album “Anti.” While it hasn’t topped any charts, it’s a personal favorite of mine. The song is a smooth departure from Rihanna’s upbeat jams as she yearns for a new beginning with her lover. The rebellious vibe and Western themes of the track make it dynamic and a must-have on this setlist.

5. “Love on the Brain”

Of all the low-tempo songs to choose from to slow things down, this is the best choice. It’s a warm and soulful track that she’s been known to deliver with flavor during past performances, most notably at the 2016 VMAs.

6. “Needed Me”

This song is a testament to Rihanna’s impressive vocal ability and displays her confidence. The pre-chorus begins, “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?”

She is aware of her “it girl” status and makes it known that her presence is not to be taken for granted. With that being said, this song is the perfect way to close out her performance.

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